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  1. Thanks. I think you have a type-o on your QB's name.
  2. With Peterson traded to Arizona, please rank Peterson, Jones, McKinnon for ROS. WHIR.
  3. Cobb is out. Jordy will move to slot. I like Adams for a big game.
  4. My vote is for Watson. They're big dogs and he, at least, has a weapon with Hopkins and can run.
  5. Benjamin in, what we expect to be, a high scoring affair.
  6. I rank them Evans, M. Thomas, D. Thomas, Landry.
  7. With the match up, I think Crowell gets a lot of volume this week against a really, really bad Colts D. Think I'd take my chance with him.
  8. For me, it's Doyle easily. The Browns have given up huge FP versus tight ends and Brissett targeted him very often.
  9. I say Ingram. He's the best back on that team. So far, Perine's involvement is only talk. I wanna see it before I believe it. GL.
  10. Man...I think these guys are all bunched up together this week. I'd leave Carson on the bench this week. Wanna see if Rawls creeps into the scene before counting on him.
  11. I like Cook too. Expecting some adjustments from Minny.
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