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  1. Well I literally just traded Cook for Julio in a big league. Guy was very weak at rb and I sold cook big time. Ever a time to do it is now. He's a rookie with an iffy offensive line and just played the saints. I ghought i came out ridiculous in this one. Couldn't believe I got him but it's a weird league sometimes. Don't expect that kind of insane value but I certainly would accept dez and fitz for him!
  2. Still confident doug is the starter when he gets back? Expectations high?
  3. I think Julio can do very well this year. One bad game and it still is only 4-66. I believe he bounces back in a big way. Not too concerned with shanahan as the targets will come. Hooper won't be that involved all the time. Plus, didn't he have a 85 yarder which would have seriously deflated any chance of Julio getting anything on that drive. I think it was busted coverage too. Julio then could easily done 6-85 or so.
  4. does anyone think this will be a weekly thing with him and his injury or is it fine? When healthy he is a top 5 no doubt. Looking to buy low right now, maybe even trade Calvin cook for him straight up. I'm good at rb.
  5. Trade delvin cook for odell?? My other rbs on roster are gurley, Martin, t Coleman or or should I piece together a trade for Julio?
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