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  1. I’m not sure I would do it. Dallas is having some serious o-line issues and I think Zekes opportunities will be capped with Dalton. It also handicaps you big time at WR.
  2. What exactly does that mean in relation to my question?
  3. Singletary is not even in the mix for me. Davis, CEH and Gio. I lean Gio over Jackson because Jackson could be splitting work with Kelley.
  4. Neither are bad trades in my opinion. I’d lean toward #2 mainly because I still have faith in Kupp.
  5. Jones owner and thankfully have Williams as well. Am I crazy for considering Williams even if Jones is active? I’m worried that GB may give Williams the lions share of the work this week. on the other hand, I’m not sure GB would activate Jones if he’s not fully healthy. thoughts?
  6. Is there anyway you can win this week without picking up a kicker? Not sure what your league scoring is like. If you have to pick up a kicker then I would easily say drop Dobbins. That whole backfield is a mess. The only way I see Dobbins getting more work is if someone gets hurt. help with mine?
  7. I'm going to agree with the last guy. Mixon will get tons of work so hes going to offer you a safe floor. Gaskin is playing a terrible team and offers perhaps a higher ceiling. help with mine?
  8. I would certainly pick him up and drop fant. Maybe you can play matchup the rest of the way. This week I like Brady because GB should put some points up, forcing Brady to air it out. help with mine?
  9. I'm with Jacob on this one. I'm not sure it helps you too much. You're probably going to start Connor in your flex and you have some decent options there already. help with mine?
  10. I'm confused. I saying to start Taylor (playing CIN) over Robinson (Playing DET)
  11. I would leave it as is. help with mine?
  12. I'm not sure how you could bench Mattison in this situation. He was the easy answer for me. I'd probably lean toward Taylor over Robinson.
  13. Tell me about it. Usually about 10% of the people actually help. I would not make the trade. I don't see Sanders as that much of an upgrade to Connor and Fuller is a pretty decent option at WR. help with mine?
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