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  1. If the Packers trade Rodgers AND also don't go with their 1st round QB from 2020 as their new QB, that really would be something else. I don't see that happening. But we'll see how it all plays out.
  2. If you read any of the Aaron Jones threads over the past three seasons, you'd know how I feel about him. That doesn't mean I will blindly keep/draft him for 2021, should Rodgers leave GB. As far as your take on other RB's that nobody is worried about because of their non-elite QB's, that's completely subjective. But going down that path, how did Ezekiel Elliott (star RB) do after Dak Prescott (star QB) got injured last year? I'll tell you - he went from the #3 RB from Weeks 1--5, to the #24 RB from Weeks 6--17. Losing a star QB changes an offense. Especially when you turn to a complet
  3. I posted about this last year for Mixon, and it's absolutely the truth. Here is Mixon's career ADP, RB rank from Weeks 1--13, and RB rank for the full season: Why that breakdown? Because the fantasy regular season is Weeks 1--13. So this shows you how Mixon fared for you in your attempt to make the playoffs. The results? RB2 material for the most part. Yet he generally is valued higher than that as per his ADP. How does Mixon keep rising in ADP each season then? Because he does well in Weeks 13--17, after the regular season is already over. He does especially well in Week 17, when ba
  4. I've been posting for the past three seasons in this forum, about how great Aaron Jones is. I think Aaron Jones is one of the best RB's in football. If Aaron Rodgers does exit GB, I'll be dropping Jones in my auction keeper, keeping DK Metcalf instead. I just don't see GB's offense being able to come anywhere close to their recent productivity level, with Love as the QB in place of Rodgers. And Jones will take a nosedive in stats. That doesn't mean he'll be horrible. But it's wishful thinking IMO to think he'll still be one of the best RB's in fantasy, should Rodgers leave.
  5. CJ Spiller's name has come up in multiple posts here, but the one angle regarding Spiller that hasn't been mentioned, is that Spiller was a high draft pick (even higher than Etienne, the #9 overall pick in the 2010 draft). Buffalo's top RB at the time was Fred Jackson, who was an undrafted 29-year old coming off his first 1000 yard rushing season. The thought was that Spiller would supplant Jackson. But in 2010, Jackson got just 15 carries fewer than the prior season, and gained 927 yards on 222 carries (along with 31 catches). Spiller played in 14 games and had just 283 yards on 74 carri
  6. Devil's advocate point is that Chubb has had very few of those types of games in his career. Since becoming the starter in 2018, he's played 38 games. Below are his 10 worst games since that point: 2018 Week 8: 18-65-0; 2-10-0 (a game with 20 touches and 75 yards) 2018 Week 17: 9-24-0; 2--4-0 (terrible game in Week 17 and Week 17 should not be played by anyone ) 2019 Week 1: 17-75-0; 3-10-0 (a game with 20 touches and 85 yards) 2019 Week 9: 20-65-0; 4-26-0 (a game with 24 touches and 91 yards) 2019 Week 11: 27-92-0; 0-0-0 (a game with 27 touches and 92 yards) 2019 Week 13: 16-58-0;
  7. Pros for Nick Chubb --#1 RB per PFF rankings since 2018 (finished #1 in 2018, #1 in 2019, #4 in 2020). --#7 RB in PPG for PPR leagues; #4 RB in PPG for Standard leagues (amongst RB's who played at least 4 games). --In 2020, rushed for over 1000 yards in just 12 games (really, 11 games and a quarter). --Rushed for 5+ YPC in all three of his NFL seasons. --Browns have shown they like to emphasize the run in general. --Browns offensive line was the #1 ranked offensive line across the board...and as of now, returns intact for 2021. Cons for Nick Chubb --Doesn't catch a lot of passes
  8. Aaron Jones began getting the majority of GB's carries after their bye week in 2018. First game after their 2018 bye was in Week 8... 2018 Weeks 8--17: #12 RB in PPR (he missed the last two weeks and was #7 RB from Weeks 8--15) 2019 full season: #2 RB in PPR 2020 full season: #5 RB in PPR 2021: TBD (though one thing we do know is no matter how well he performs, even if it's on par with the above ranks, there will be people that complain about Jones not being consistent enough)
  9. Historical comps to other players, do not prove what the future holds for Stefon Diggs. But I enjoy looking at historical comps, to see how other players in similar situations have fared. In this case, let's take a look at all of the WR's who have had at least 120 catches in an NFL season. It's a short list, as only 10 different WR's have hit that total (including Diggs). Here's how they did both during their 120-catch season and AFTER their 120-catch season... Not too bad. Of the 13 instances prior to 2020, only 2 resulted in a disappointment. 2010 Wes Welker was only a mid-range WR2,
  10. Stefon Diggs had one heck of a 2020 season... 127 catches (led NFL). Side note: in NFL history, this was the 6th-most catches in a season. 1535 yards (led NFL) 8 TD's 166 targets (led NFL) 76.5% catch percentage In 3 playoff games, Diggs added 20 catches for 311 yards, with 2 TD's. Obviously with free agency, potential trades across the league, and the draft still on tap, there's room for things to change for every player. But where do you rank Diggs at this point? For me, the only WR's I'd draft ahead of him are Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill.
  11. LaFleur's decision to kick the FG was one of the worst coaching decisions I have ever seen. GB may not have won the game if they went for it, but at least they would have had a chance. Worst case is you go for it, fail to convert...and then you still have the same amount of timeouts and Tampa pinned deep, so you can rely on the same defense you're expecting to get a stop when you kick the FG instead. This will go down as one of the all-time blunders on LaFleur's part.
  12. QB/Receiver stacks continue to work. This has been my experience in the past, and held true once again in 2020. In the regular season, the top 2 teams in points had such stacks. It's a 2-QB league and one owner had Wilson/Metcalf and Burrow/Boyd, while the other owner had Mahomes/Kelce. The Mahomes/Kelce owner went on to win the championship. This was our 15th season and the Top 5 most powerful teams in league history, have all had a QB/Receiver stack (with the Mahomes/Kelce team included in that bunch).
  13. Aaron Jones could rush for 250 yards and 3 TD's in a game, and there still would be people who talked about his performance with caveats of "but" or "should have been even better". It truly is astounding how so many can't appreciate what they do have with Jones. 😣
  14. I took a look at what DK Metcalf has done across his past 16 games tonight; the 13 games from this 2020 season, plus his final 3 games last season. Last 16 games: 86 catches - 1480 yards - 12 TD's Metcalf turned 23 years old yesterday, so that output has come entirely as a 22-year-old.
  15. Continuing on a theme, here is how Jones has ranked on a weekly basis, since getting a larger role in 2018...
  16. And one other correction, worst finish this season was as the RB17 (not 19).
  17. Typo listing PPR instead of PPG. To be clear he's 3rd in PPR PPG amongst all RB's who've played at least 5 games: https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/leaders/ppr-rb.php?year=2020&start=1&end=10
  18. Jones had 168 yards rushing in Week 2 (and 71 in Week 4). He's been an RB1 or RB2 every week he's played this season. His worst finish any week he played was as the RB19. He's been an RB1 in 3 games this season (including the RB #1 once). And he's the RB #3 in PPG amongst all RB's who have played at least 5 games (half the weeks in the NFL so far). Here's some more:
  19. Since getting Burrow's first NFL game out of the way, here's where Boyd ranks in all formats since Week 2: 1 point PPR: #7 WR .50 point PPR: #9 WR Standard: #15 WR
  20. It is down for our league too. I generally love CBS and promote them for fantasy. But there have been several issues this year, including email notifications for multiple weeks and now this.
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