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  1. Or perhaps something like Evans and AP for Jordon Howard and Hogan?
  2. I think I'd keep Hunt in that scenario. Diggs could have any one of three QBs throwing to him in the coming weeks and he's not all that consistent anyway. Funchess gets the targets but without a TD, he's not all that productive on a week to week basis. I'd be sticking with Hunt... for reference.. I offered Mike Evans for Hunt straight up to someone with Hunt, Gordon, and Bell and he turned me down. Hunt should get you a nice return, not Diggs and Funchess.
  3. My league is split into 2 divisions. Everyone in my division is pretty close... three teams at 4-5 and two at 3-6... so if things go my way this week I could potentially be in first in my division (everyone in my division has a matchup against someone in the other division). I'm not a fan of Peterson's schedule the rest of the way. Anyone think he has any trade value? Package him with one of my WR for a better WR? Or should I just stand pat and hope for the best? Disclaimer: One guy has A. Brown, A.J. Green, Hilton, D. Thomas, and Larry Fitz on his team and he does not trad
  4. I'm looking way ahead, but not really at the same time. I'm in a keeper league (keep 1 player from roster) where the player you keep does not have a draft pick impact.. we just count your keeper from the previous year as your last pick. I have David Johnson on my IR (he was my keeper this year); the owner that had OBJ dropped him. In a PPR league, would you rather have David Johnson or OBJ? Since we have an IR slot, I can keep Johnson or OBJ in my IR slot. Thoughts?
  5. Flex spot - Juju or Funchess in 1/2 point PPR league.
  6. Good point on the "his bench fodder"... I went back with Kelce for Jordy. We'll see what happens.
  7. I would prefer a better WR than Jeffrey.. think I can swap out Jeffrey for Kelvin Benjamin? And maybe take Lynch out of it?
  8. My team is in my signature.. 1/2 point PPR Offered Marshawn Lynch, Blount, and Jeffrey for Kelce. Opinions? Does it make me better? His team is: Ryan CJA Martin Jordy Julio Engram Benjamin Houston Gostkowski Jeffrey, Lynch, Blount, Jaron Brown, Winston, Travis Rudolph
  9. I'd be starting Kearse. Jets are going to need to throw a bunch.. he'll catch at least one 20-yard TD on a blown coverage. Patriots are good for one of those per game. I can see 60 yards and TD for Kearse this weekend. That's not bad for standard, right?
  10. Better play this weekend? Amendola (at NYJ) or Marvin Jones Jr. (at NO)? Currently leaning Jones Jr.
  11. 1/2 point PPR.. just picked up Forte off FA. This week: start Amendola at NYJ or Marvin Jones Jr at NO start Forte vs NE or AP vs TB
  12. 1/2 point PPR.. start Amendola (with Gronk probably back) at NYJ or Marvin Jones Jr (with a hobbled Stafford) at NO?
  13. That's a mighty big trade.. I'd take it though... I think it makes you better. Definitely an upgrade at QB.. has there really been a difference in production between Fitz and Evans this year? Upgrade at TE, and possibly a bit of an upgrade at RB assuming AP does AP things. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675539-pick-3-rb/
  14. 1/2 point PPR.. rough RB situation but I gotta pick 3 to play.. AP McKinnon Ellington Ajayi Currently I've got AP, McKinnon, and Ellington in.. I'm having trouble sitting Ajayi but I think that's because of his name and last year's production. I'm 0-5; my team got blown up by injuries and busts. BUT.. 3 out of the 5 weeks I've scored enough points to beat everyone in the league EXCEPT the guy I was matched up with. Talk about bad luck...
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