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  1. I think you should play Wilson because I think his ceiling is higher then for Dobbins. Not saying that he will do Kamara things 😂 but maybe he scores twice...
  2. How would you rather have ROS? Fulgham or Reagor??
  3. ok. Like I said, I think all of them can hit as they’re boom or bust plays or, with Meyers, it depends how Cam will play (boom or bust as well)! Would you suggest to play also Hardman (with Tyreek in the lineup) or would your pivot to John Brown? Asking for a friend 😂
  4. I think it will be a coin flip between all of them. They all can hit! I lean Brown, but then I think without Watkins it’s a good chance for Mecole! Man that’s tough! I also have to fill one position for today and questioning exactly the same names...! But I have also Tyreek why I think I go with Brown!
  5. The Trade alone I would accept! But you have to upgrade your RBs as well
  6. Depending on your other guys: If you need a boom or bust play I would go with Hollywood! Social media and Hollywood can complain however they want, that doesn’t make Lamars throws better! If you need a safe floor: Dobbins! It will be a timeshare between him and the Gus Bus, but he will put up some points. Good luck
  7. I have kind of the same „issue“ with questioning HOU or KC this week?!
  8. Which DST combination do you like moving forward? I had a look on our waiver, and CLE and the Chiefs are free. Really like their schedule moving forward and switch them from week to week, based on the better matchup. Any opinion?
  9. Also if Andrews can give you just 4 points he’s having also the potential to score twice. I would go with Andrews!
  10. Depending on your other WRs. I think if you have WRs which giving you a safe floor it’s ok to add a WR with big potential like Williams. Especially with Herbert who’s throwing like hell. If you have already a boom or bust play in your lineup I would avoid to play another one
  11. With Gallup in your Lineup I wouldn’t burn my waiver#1 on Lamb
  12. All three, so Reagor, Goedert and Justin Jackson are on the waiver. I have Andrews as my TE#1 but Goedert could be a good „replacement“ or Flex play?! Reagor Hype Train is starting and I‘m on it Justin Jackson a good stash with Jacobs, Jones, Williams, Montgomery, Swift and Edmonds on my Roster? Tyreek, Ridley, Cooper, Golladay are my WRs
  13. Lamar for the rushing ability. He's not as strong as he was last year but he's still a game changer in my opinion.
  14. I think Kirk has to be rostered, but not for you. You have no one to drop in my opinion.
  15. I rather have Corey Davis as either of the other guys. Maybe stay with Jeffrey because of possible upside...
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