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  1. This week Cousins for sure especially with cooks a little cooked.
  2. I say Taylor. Just a gut feeling. It is close and I am starting both.
  3. Christian Kirk. Hop will be shadowed.
  4. I would drop Reed (Deebo and Aiyuk back) and play Fant ROS!
  5. Wow, pretty variable answers. Mid way I guess it is clear to play Deebo and Booker. Thank you all! 2 are still pretty up in the air..
  6. If you want to go with a safe floor: Booker (guaranteed touches and opportunity) If you want to go with higher upside: Hunt
  7. Akers. The OL in Dallas would not get healthier when Zeke would be held out.. So try and take the upside with Akers.
  8. Herbert if you want high upside. Fitz offers a safe floor. I would go with Booker and Snell (of Conner out)
  9. I choose KC. They will be destroying Denver offensively which leads to high offensive upside.
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