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  1. Wasting his third timeout because he couldn’t decide whether to go for it on 4th down, THEN not converting the 4th down, was the best part.
  2. Confidence? I dropped him after that stinker last week. Confidence?
  3. How’d all that running work out for ya Frank? Congrats on all the rushing yards!! Yes, I started T.Y.
  4. Can we get some hype going? 8 targets, 4 grabs, 77 yards. Can you say league winner?
  5. You’re defending assault with a deadly weapon, but go off.
  6. Does anyone think Case could be a startable QB? Who would you rather have, Keenum or Trubisky?
  7. Thoughts? Is Zeke trouble? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/what-cowboys-offensive-line-worries-mean-for-gamblers-and-ezekiel-elliott-fantasy-owners/
  8. Starting a guy because he excelled in past games is foolish, in my opinion.
  9. My gut says Gillislee will be the pounder and the goal line back. Lewis will be the passing back. Gill could have a huge day - last game they shut Buffalo down. Anyone sneering at starting Gilly is an unmitigated fool.
  10. Terrible logic. We gotta know how injured he is. Has anyone seen him? Is he running at full speed?
  11. An unmitigated disaster. Everything we feared about game flow came true. I will be lucky to win the championship with this mistake, gonna need at least one monster performance, if not two.
  12. Hurns being out is huge. Lead us to the promised land.
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