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  1. Wentz is comically bad, he might be the worst starting qb in the league, and that says volumes considering we have ppl like trubisky and darnold starting
  2. Top 5 Chief, obviously, what else? Mahommes Hill Kelce Bell Our boy
  3. Thielen, 1 amazing catch, 3 awful drops resulting in an int, a near int, and a lost td. Guy is all over the place tonight
  4. Nice to see the return of miami tannenhill, guy has been trash since his hot start to the season, trent dilfer 2.0 game manager
  5. rb jones/henry Wr fuller/johnson Flex woods te hooper
  6. I would do it, wentz is starting to find his groove and philly should start gearing up for their playoff run
  7. Mostert and AB while he still has name value, that TB situation is a little tricky
  8. I agree with the not overpaying crowd, hhenry has a solid floor especially in a 16 teamer
  9. Full PPR, DJ Chark might get Zaire'd, and he could also be a bit of fool's gold with Luton, but JJ draws a tough D in a primetime game (Cousin's kryptonite). halp.
  10. Hey jones got a goaline carry... from his own side.. feelsbadman
  11. Going to lmao when rodgers gets flattened on a dropback up 60 points
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