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  1. Davante Adams will be a second round pick next year.
  2. Yes I forgot about that play. Matthews was wide open and dropped a sure 29 yard TD. Make that 33 points Mariota could have had if things swung the other way.
  3. Mariota scored 17.7 points last week in standard scoring, but he easily could have had 27.8. On one running play, he got stopped at the 1 yard line before Murray punched it in. Looking at the replay, he was past the plane before he went out of bounds. Tennessee didn't feel the need to challenge because they were confident that they were able to punch it in on the next play. On another play, he completed a pass to Corey Davis. Davis was inches away from the end zone and stretched out but lost the ball for a fumbled touchback. Another missed opportunity. It'
  4. Boost to Perine. Home game, heavy favorites, coach's confidence, steady improvement, early down workhorse, his stock is trending up. Prediction: 20 carries 84 yards TD 1 catch 5 yards
  5. Very nice insight. I took it a step further and looked at his performance in Weeks 2 and 3. In total, he finished those two weeks with 40 carries and 116 yards, putting him at 2.9 yards per tote. But from shotgun? He had 12 carries and 66 yards. He was averaging 5.5 yards a carry from shotgun, which means he averaged 1.8 yards a carry from I formation. In week 4, he had one carry from shotgun and got 6 yards. That means he had 5 carries for 21 yards in I form (4.2 YPC), a significant improvement from his performance in weeks 2 and 3. With a bye week to continue getting
  6. Cam benched for Derek Anderson. Welcome to Dumpsville.
  7. Forte had 3 carries for 18 yards and 1 rec for 34 yards in garbage time. McGuire also had an 11 yard rush. If we take out garbage time stats: Forte: 6 rushes for 35 yards; 3 rec for 4 yards McGuire: 5 rushes for 18 yards; 1 Rec for 7 yards Powell: 6 rushes for 13 yards; 0 rec for 0 yards Clearly the most effective back.
  8. All jokes aside, anything to see here? He had 1000 total yards and 8 TDs last year in 14 games. Usage and effectiveness are starting to pick up: Week 1 he had 9 touches for 36 yards. Week 2 he had 13 touches for 91 yards.
  9. Some Alex Smith graphics: Not much separation by Conley but Smith dropped a dime ^ Sure, Alex Smith will not finish the season as the number 1 fantasy QB. But a QB1? So far so good.
  10. I'm buying as a legitimate QB1. Career highs in completion %, yards per attempt, and yards per completion. I know it's just two games, but he looks like a different player out there. His accuracy on deep throws has been fantastic, and the running game has so far been one of the best in recent years. I was planning on starting Palmer until Luck came back, but he looks toast. Consistently misses his open receivers. I will now be starting Smith in his place. Wouldn't be surprised if he finishes the season in the top 8. He let a promising young QB take his job before, and t
  11. I dropped Crowder before the game for Hurns in my 12 man standard. His TDs last year were unsustainable. Without them, he's JAG in fantasy. I would hold in a PPR, but there are better options out there on the wire in standard. I'd rather have Hurns and Nelson over him ROS.
  12. Palmer > Glennon Cardinals WRs > Bears WRs DJ's running skills > Howard's running skills DJ's receiving skills > Howard's receiving skills (none) Cardinals D > Bears D Talent wise, Bears regressed from a 3 - 13 season. They may be the worst team in the NFL this year. Talent wise, Cardinals remained about the same from a 7 - 8 - 1 season. DJ is the much better play on the much better team. There is no comparison here.
  13. His outlook is bleak. With the injury, the emergence of Cohen, the offense actually being WORSE than last year, and the fact that Glennon can't make defenses pay when they stack the box against him, I will be benching him for the forseeable future, especially with Chicago playing Pit and GB coming up.
  14. WR2 while John Brown is out. WR 3 ROS with John Brown's injury history. He had a catch in the endzone that was ruled a catch but overturned because he barely stepped out of bounds. His day could have been much bigger. For the league where I don't have him yet, I have first waiver and I am using it on him. He is a godsend in an offense that is devoid of weapons.
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