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  1. You're good. Lewis and Burkhead combined should be good for 30.
  2. There is a direct correlation to my record and Legatron. Unfortunately, it didn't work out this year for me (unless I get a miracle tonight).
  3. 56 points in standard between Burkhead and Hogan. I have Lewis on the bench - I feel like Burkhead and Hogan have the higher ceilings as they're Brady's favorite RZ targets.
  4. Diggs runs a great route in the end zone, Keenum throws a crappy ball, Keenum knows he threw a bad ball, but Diggs is the bum? This logic doesn't compute. I just read your screen name - makes sense now.
  5. As a Diggs owner I'm furious that Keenum couldn't hit him open in the end zone. I've never disliked a QB as much in my life.
  6. In Standard I'm firing him up. I'm thinking 70 yds / 1 td
  7. I'm starting Diggs over him. I'm worried they use him as a decoy.
  8. I'm playing both in my Standard league. But I fully expect Lewis to end his TD drought in Miami.
  9. I'm happy it's a Monday night game.. Gives him an extra day to get over the bug. I have a feeling hes going to light it up.
  10. Agreed..in the past 4 weeks Carolina has given up the most TD's to WR's. He's up to 18 receptions without a TD. I think he probably gets his usual 5 - 6 targets a game, putting him up to 23 - 24 targets without a TD. Personally, I think he's too good to go 23 - 24 targets without a single TD. He's healthy and due..welcome to my lineup Mr. Diggs. I'm not doubting Diggs - starting with confidence!
  11. He ran for over 100 yards last time he played MIA. He's a must start IMO. I hope they gave him a z pack - he'll be good to go by Monday if that's the case.
  12. This is predictable IMO. My theory is they were trying to give his ankle as much rest as possible, and maybe even catch the Chiefs offguard. He gets in a practice today, walk through tomorrow, and game time Sunday. My guess is his ankle is probably at 70% - 80% right now (based on the twitter video of practice & what I've read about high ankle sprains) with all the treatment he's been getting. The question is - will he be effective against the Chiefs at 70% - 80% ? I'm guessing he gets some Vitamin T too, and plays through the pain. -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/
  13. Robert Woods is drawing the questionable tag. If he goes, solid bump for Jared Goff.
  14. Is there any updates as to how he looked today in practice?
  15. Thank you for the insight. I was concerned he may not have been completely over his groin injury, and not getting separation, so I'm glad that doesn't appear to be the case. I'll probably be playing him as my WR2 this week over Chris Hogan coming back from injury. Since coming back from his injury, he seems to have an alternating predictable pattern of bad and good games. His Thanksgiving game would've been a lot better if there wasn't that PI that the refs didn't even call (complete BS).
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