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  1. Couple deep league sleepers to keep an eye on. One is Devontae Booker. Could play this week after coming back from a wrist injury. The Broncos run game looks exponentially better this year. O line has improved tremendously, McCoy wants to run the ball and early indications are this will be a good running team. We all know CJ has had a hard time staying healthy. I know Charles is the popular belief to be the cuff to CJ, but I'm not so sure. Charles has ran well this year, but I really believe the Broncos are trying to limit his carries throughout the season in hopes of keeping him healthy this year. If CJ were to go down, i really can't see Charles getting 20 totes a game. Just something to think about. im also curious to see if Curtis Samuel's role is going to expand with the Olson injury. Definitely seems like a project at WR, but the kid is an athlete. I could see him breaking a long one against the Saints tomorrow which would put him on people's radar.
  2. Full point PPR, risk it with OBJ or play Corey Davis? If OBJ doesn't go, I have Shepard to plug in. I'm gonna be the underdog this week as I'm facing a team with Bell and Rodgers. Thank you for any advice.
  3. Yea I'm gonna go Snead. With your WRs, I don't see Snead getting in your lineup. I'd atleast want to see what Rawls looks like tomorrow. RBs are much harder to hit on. I feel like you could find Snead level production on the wire at some point this year.
  4. I also say Gilly. If I were to bet on one player scoring a touchdown this week, he might be it. Clearly has that goal line role with the Pats and they will surely get down there.
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