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  1. If CMC and Samuel are out, I'm starting him
  2. Whit is the best player in that deal. Stay
  3. If you really want to trade both I would try to find two packages for each player rather than including them both in 1 deal
  4. Gave: Manaea and Eduardo Escobar Received: Dozier (And picked up Stripling)
  5. Are we willing to risk a WR spot in the semi-finals on Jordy this week?
  6. Got Rodgers and Keenum now. Tough to bench Keenum with how well he's done for me ... but ... Rodgers.
  7. He's borderline droppable at this point, isn't he?
  8. Agreed. I'm a Gordon owner but it is pretty clear that he's a mediocre RB that gets enough volume to remain relevant. I don't think I'll touch him with a ten foot pole next season with what he's gonna cost.
  9. I read a tweet asking "What does Gordon do better than Ekeler?" and after watching that game I don't really have an answer
  10. If I were you I would try to trade for a RB rather than a lateral move for a WR
  11. I would try to package CMC and a QB for a QB upgrade
  12. I would do any combination for Zeke but I would try for Adams/Hyde first
  13. I had Tyrod as a backup (and started him yesterday, unfortunately) because I didn't 100% trust Watson could sustain this. I'm convinced now so Tyrod will be on the WW tomorrow
  14. I would do Julio for Zeke any day of the week. I don't know if the Zeke owner would do that though http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/680428-juju-for-jarvis-landry-whir/
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