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  1. ^LOL Boudewijn. I forgot to mention it was Standard Scoring as well. Think CBS line-ups are locked by now for those players in 12:00 PM CST games. I went with Tyrod over Goff for the simple fact that I can see Goff easily going up a few scores against Houston and then running a lot with Gurley, whereas Buffalo vs New Orleans seems a lot more likely to be back to back action. Went with Sterling Sherpherd because SF is atrocious and I have Engram as well, who will likely eat up most of Eli's targets. Michael Thomas is the better player clearly bu
  2. Need help with QB, FLEX and possibly WR. QB: Tyrod Taylor vs NO or Jared Goff vs Houston? RB: LeSean McCoy vs NO and McKinnon vs Washington WR: Sterling Shepherd vs SF DeMaryius Thomas vs NE TE: Evan Engram vs SF FLEX: Adam Thielien K: Greg Zuerlien DST: Steelers vs INDY Bench: Michael Thomas vs Buffalo (seems wrong to sit him but not sure what to do here), Will Fuller (he'll definitely be benched today and likely dropped soon), and Chris Thompson vs MIN
  3. Well my opponent still has Ertz starting now. Being the high IQ and very crafty person that I am I realized if he checks and see I have an 80% chance of winning he may realize he has a late injury. So I swapped out Aaron Jones who plays Monday night for McKinnon whose on a BYE temporarily so it's not apparent from the instant he checks his CBS app and looks at his line-up. I've got 20 minutes to go, fingers crossed that he leaves in Ertz.
  4. Even without NO being stout against TEs I'm not convinced Howard will get much usage. A lot of mouths to feed there with Brate, Desean Jackson, and Mike Evans in the passing game. Bengals don't have many passing threats besides AJ Green, so can see Kroft getting a lot of targets especially if Dalton wants to play for short conservative passes.
  5. If I had to drop any of those guys I'd drop Marshawn. Oakland is going to be playing from behind most games if the first half of the season is any indication and he's getting hardly any touches with Richard and Washington, and Carr having to air the ball out because they're behind. I'd start Eli, and that is without any doubt whatsoever. I'd start Lockett, I see HUGE potential in Corey Davis ROS but getting back into the swing of things against Baltimores defense doesn't seem all that promising for today. You're third question: definitely Coleman as on of
  6. So is the thought that Osweiler will perform the Trevor Siemien? And by Siemien I mean the one we've seen most of this season, not the promising on we saw the first couple games.
  7. Agreed. But the fact that they played matchups and didn't start Wentz every game doesn't diminish him as MVP. Unless we're talking MVP in your specific FF league. I figured it was FF in general.
  8. Savage is not "brand new" QB. He has last year to learn the Houston system and was primed to be the starter all off season, hence him beginning the season vs Jacksonville (perhaps the best defense in the NFL this season).
  9. Playing match-ups usually means clicking on the opposing teams defense and seeing where they rank in terms of points allowed to opposing QBs per game thus far this season. It's as effective as choosing your fantasy starts for the week based on ESPNs experts or investing in stocks based on advice from some expert on CNBC.
  10. Jimmy G and no doubts about it. No idea why Vikings are even thinking of Birdgewater when they've been successful with Bradford AND Keenum this season. Lynch might be the "literal" starter but then RIchard/Washington get like 90% of the snaps throughout the course of the game. Oakland defense has been horrible this season. They have yet to get one interception and give away points like crazy. Which is good for Carr/Crabtree/Coop but not so much for Lynch and that's in conjunction with the fact that Richard and Washington have been outperforming him.
  11. You're description of Fitz basically would mean he's a good start in PPR but 5 yard slant routes don't translate well to standard scoring. If Arizona goes up a couple scores which could be a pick 6 off SF's sorry excuse of QB, Adrian Peterson, or another receiver aside from Fitz catching it. Then I could see them reverting to purely runs to kill the clock or more 5 yard slants with Fitz, good chance Arizona takes a lead and Arizona elects for purely runs or 5 yard slant routes to reduce the risk of a turnover. Conservative play and let their defense boss Beathard and their sorry
  12. Speaking from purely fantasy production and value to their teams. Not whether or not your team managers start them. Let me guess the Watson owner read some expert that said to sit Watson as he was facing the "elite Seattle secondary" and would be shut down last week and benched him? That doesn't change the fact that Watson put up like 40 points last week and has been great ever since he went in for Savage midway through the first game of the season. Zeke hasn't been all that consistent, he put up 40 points in PPR against SF (the worst rushing defense in the NFL), which
  13. Starting him. Not with confidence but starting him nonetheless. Houston doesn't have the best defense, Colts have an even worse defense. Gamescript might dictate Texans need to launch deep balls to Fuller. I remember all the experts saying he should be benched last week since Seattle secondary was so great. I will start him this week due to the game flow I mentioned earlier, due to 4 weeks of consistent performance, due to Savages one start this year being against the Jags and I feel like he may have a chip on his shoulder and want to prove himself this game. Not hot o
  14. Fuller has put up good numbers each of the 4 weeks he's played, granted they were with Watson, but Colts allow 6th most points to WRs of any fantasy team. Keep in mind that Houstons defense isn't that great and there could be back and forth scoring this game. Forcing Savage to throw deep balls to Fuller. Houston allows the 9th most points to WRs. I could definitely see Arizona shutting down Beathard with their defense and running with AP late in the game to run time out and reduce chances of a turnover so with that considered I'd go for TY Hilton or Fuller. Coin flip of a choice t
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