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  1. I’d go Montgomery... I know he’s not an exciting option, but he did have a workhorse role last year, and due to volume and potential for vast improvement from this bears team, I think it’s a safer player this week
  2. amari cooper. Yea I’m not in love with Chubb. It’s actually half ppr, so another factor to I guess consider
  3. I like Henry over CEH. Henry’s resurgence last season was no fluke as evidenced by his monstrous playoff runs. He is the heart and soul of that Titans team. chiefs are too well-rounded and will have some games where CEH will have a subdued outing due to usage.
  4. Gibson without a doubt. Ridiculous talent with tons of upside. JAGS are JAGS. All of them.
  5. Being a contrarian here, but I think all the stars are aligned for Conner to have a massive season. But then again, there are a lot of factors at play: Does Big ben stay healthy? Does Conner stay healthy? Those are big ifs that need to hit. Kittle on the other hand is very safe and reliable. I do understand that you are deep at the position at Rb too though. I Like the previous users suggestions of Gallup/, Conner. It’s a solid offer.
  6. So my team is: so the league is a weird set up: it’s two wr slots, 1 rb, and 2 flexes. So theoretically I could play four WRs. Don’t ask why I took so many WRs lol, draft played out weirdly with rbs flying off the board. Qb: Rodgers wrs: D.Adams, Julio, Juju, Coop, Boyd, Shepherd rbs: Montgomery, A Gibson, fournette, Kerryon, Harris te: j.smith, EbroN so I was offered his Chubb for my cooper and fournette. It’s a legit offer for sure, and one I’m inclined to take. but the issue here is Chubb is in a time share with Hunt, and coop’s a beast when he s
  7. Why in the world does this guy not have IR eligibility still... this is in ESPN too smh.
  8. Because its Dalvin Cook? He’s a monster. Even Ap had his one big game against the Skins...
  9. Idk, I’m not really sure. You’re rb depth is a little lacking here, otherwise in a vacuum I’d do this in ppr
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