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  1. Yeah except he's not any of those guys. Mahomes runs the show. You gotta be having buyers remorse if you blew a high pick on ceh expecting a barkley type season
  2. [...] We'll see if he can make anything happen once he's healthy
  3. Guys too small to handle a full lose in the nfl. He's a great playmaker but so is jerick McKinnon. One was drafted in the top six and one was had on waivers. Clyde looks overdrafted based on the success the other rookie rbs have had recent seasons
  4. My guess is a Monday or Tuesday game the titans will not be forced to forfeit that's patently absurd
  5. I expect him to miss this week and be back.
  6. fantasy is the only reason I still remotely care about the nfl. The games are unwatchable. The league has deteriorated so badly as a product over the last five or so years it's incredible
  7. Moss stinks. Now that the absurd rookie hype honeymoon period is over hopefully the Jills give Devin more work
  8. I'm playing against henry and juju. I have fuller. This stuff is absolute nonsense makes the season look like a farce
  9. Either play the freakin season or don't play but stop this ridiculous crap. The testing can't even be trusted. If they're not sick play...if they feel sick then have those players sit out
  10. I really wanted Davis or Henderson but I already snagged McKinnon and then grabbed this guy this morning I think he's gonna emerge
  11. That's funny I almost made a similar trade with my buddy today. Decided to keep dk although it is a good time to buy drake
  12. As someone who just lost Sutton and could use a lucky rb waiver add I hope this guy is about to do some work
  13. My team is QB- murray RBs- gurley Singletary White McKinnon coleman WRs- julio Fuller metcalf Sutton (finished) Lazard TE- hockenson goedert K- Crosby I stream defenses doesn't matter any input appreciated. I'm 1-1. 12 team league with two keepers it's full ppr
  14. Or they may wanna run the ball and keep their defense off the field
  15. yeah couldn't be that they were getting blown out because their defense can't stop anything
  16. Anyone pick up this stud on waivers and smile yesterday ?
  17. If you think this guy is making it through half the season at his size I got some beachfront property in Saskatchewan to sell you
  18. So encouraged for my fourth receiver not a bad performance at all. Wish he could've got the garbage time score
  19. Gurley gonna carry a lot of people to victory this year I still believe in this guy
  20. ive got Hyde Coleman and freeman I'm hoping I can live with them. Hyde is quite underrated and hated on for no reason
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