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  1. I don't think he will be out. They said the groin issue is not serious. I would say limited just a tad.
  2. You have to roll with him. If he doesn't blow up this game I dont know if he ever will. I am thinking 5/112/TD
  3. So any news if Kittle One Vodka will play this Sunday?!
  4. I just landed this guy from an owner that needed healthy bodies. I for one am ecstatic to own this guy. Hopefully they sit him out the next two games so he can come back 100%.I don't mind waiting, worst thing would be to deal with him reaggravating the injury. We all know hammys tend to lilnger sometimes. If he can stay healthy I think this guy will be extremely valuable come fantasy playoff time. It also helps he has plus matchups week 14-16.
  5. I bought low on an owner that already had Dak. I think Cam finishes top 7 at the very least and I am good with that. I think McDaniels & Billy will figure out more ways to get creative with Cam. Especially because they've never had a running threat at Quarterback I believe they're still adjusting their playbook. He will finish as the Patriots number 1 in rushing touchdowns. I for one am happy to have got him.
  6. So I have an opportunity to get this guy, but I am a little skeptical about this hamstring injury. I am pretty well set where I can wait on him, but will it be worth it? I would hate for him to re aggravate when he comes back possibly week 6.
  7. I am with you. It kind of caught me off guard because to me this guy is a keeper. Kid is a beast on the field if you watch him. I just dont know if those other guys in that backfield will get a substantial amount of touches to the point where Robinson's value takes a hit. At the moment he is the lone wolf with the 3 down role and Thompson as the pass catching back. I dont think people have bought into him yet since its so early in his career.
  8. Here is the article on Fantasy Pros https://www.fantasypros.com/2020/09/fantasy-football-buy-sell-hold-picks-week-4-2020/
  9. Im reading in a lot of places that JRob is a sell high candidate. They are saying when Ozigbo and Armstead get back he will have to cede touches to those two. They are suggesting flipping him for another Rb, but for some reason I get the feeling that this backfield is Robinson's to lose. He looked great Thursday night and I feel he continues to dominate. [...] Maybe I am missing something here? Is he a sell high candidate?
  10. Yeah unfortunately for us he is what he is at this point, and baker is doing us no favors. I think what I'll do is trade for a reciever once he has a blow up game. He is a WR3 consistently, but can get you the WR2 numbers here and there. He wont win you any weeks though! I am just trying to identify a good buy low target so I can throw some offers out there.
  11. This dude has a trash QB so he can't produce. Im looking to shop him around my league, but not sure what I could get in return that would be worth it. I think his name alone will help me swing a deal. RIP to OBJ top 5 in the league glory days.
  12. Yup sadly started him as well. I mean all signs were pointing at him getting at least a few touchdowns. The key thing to take away here is that Chark is a huge contributor to how well Minshew does, even with his 4 targets a game. I need a defense this week so I think I'll cut bait with Wentz and start to stream the position or trade one of the 6 rb's I have for a decent QB. I am eyeing Josh Allen!
  13. LMFAO this is why I hate these forums sometimes. They skew my thinking due to the hype. Never again will I go against my gut. I should’ve started Wentz over this guy! Beard > mustache
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