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  1. And that’s the end of Jameis’ career in Tampa
  2. Get these refs on the soccer field and basketball court! Best flop recognition I’ve seen!
  3. Probably cant hear him over the 2 fans in the stadium.
  4. Winston literally just threw a TD to Watson. Maybe this commentator is a genius. Mind blown.
  5. This game lol. My fantasy season ended last week, so this has been the most enjoyable game I’ve watched all year.
  6. Been watching on replay and just caught up to live...as bad as these teams have been, these commentators are exponentially worse. Good grief the one dude has called Watson Winston the entire game and I’m not sure he’s even caught himself. Then he called Winston Watson at least once. I get that the names are close, but dude how are you an NFL commentator?
  7. All the research that goes into finding the position player that will be the “league winner of the year”, and it’s the Houston Texans’ defense in the end.
  8. RoJo gonna go for 300/4 and Winston end with negative fantasy points 😂😂
  9. This game is going to be 56-49 with 200 total yards of offense and no offensive TDs.
  10. “Jameis is touching them all” Fantastic wording
  11. Oh man almost 2 pick 6’s but looks like a flag
  12. How is that not PI? But no way this will be overturned.
  13. I’m not exaggerating, I’m pretty certain Winston has thrown a pick on the first drive of every week since week 9ish? Anyone able to fact check? Edit: Alright announcer just said 4 out of the last 5 games. But I believe it was 3 or 4 more times earlier in the season. It’s truly incredible. It’s like he’s incapable of running their scripted plays. Then he throws for 450 and 4 TDs once he just starts playing the game.
  14. I need Miles Sanders to outscore Saquon by 3.5. Pretty crazy to think that I actually have a decent chance at winning.
  15. We’ve been robbed of so many TDs with Waller it’s ridiculous. Stopped on the 1 yard line again.
  16. Adams owners who survived this year were rewarded with that dud in the playoffs. Too bad he has a <currently> bottom 15 QB throwing to him.
  17. Jameis just got benched for freaking Ryan Griffin. Lol at you guys saying Winston is a top 20 NFL QB a while back. At least he got us our 22 fantasy points this game.
  18. If the Broncos start off the 2nd half with a TD, I’m afraid the Texans starters get benched. Only hope is they wouldn’t do that at home in front of a crowd that is already furious.
  19. Not a lot of garbage time opportunity for a WR on a team up 2 TDs+ against a trash team.
  20. So Adams owners who somehow survived to the playoffs get a donut from him. Fantastic.
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