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  1. Yes, we are sure Renfrow is a one-week wonder.
  2. You mean Hyde-Chubb last year? I can see the comparison. Man, if Gore gets traded in the next couple days...😁😁😁😁😁 With that said, I just don’t see Gore getting traded. What could they get for him? A 7th? The Browns at least got a 5th for Hyde, so that trade made sense.
  3. Obviously DJ is ahead of Drake if healthy. Health is the question. I think it’s debatable between Drake and Edmonds, but health is still the question there.
  4. League winner! For the teams that still have their FAAB.
  5. Jets only favored by 4.5 vs the Dolphins. No thanks.
  6. I guess this snap % is somewhat promising, though mostly due to game script I’m sure.
  7. So Evans has two bad weeks, one in which he was extremely sick. And he’s had two monster week-winning weeks. Anyone still wish to complain?
  8. When your opponent has Kupp but your WR is outscoring him.
  9. Evans lol. What an unbelievable monster of a man.
  10. Wow. How I felt starting Winston and Evans in the 1st quarter vs the 2nd quarter 😮
  11. Wow and followed up with a fantastic catch. Wow. My boy!!!
  12. Evans getting checked for a concussion and I’m starting Winston and Evans and going against Godwin. Unreal.
  13. Well I guess they are running a 2 minute drill here. Why in the world did they let them run 40 seconds off the clock?
  14. Bucs stopped Titans on 3rd down with just under 2 minutes left and didn’t even call a timeout? Arians doesn’t even want Winston attempting a 2 minute drill lol. Wow.
  15. Decided I had to bench Josh Allen because of the 30-50 MPH wind for Winston. 2QB league so I had no other options as my 2nd QB. I hate fantasy football. Why do I do this?
  16. Ugh I think I’m benching for Winston. I hope this isn’t a mistake. This weather is really disappointing for a matchup that’s been circled on the calendar.
  17. Josh Allen vs PHI Winston @ TEN Winston always scares me and the Titans have been pretty solid against QBs. I was all in on Josh Allen in this matchup, but the weather looks AWFUL. A lot of the time you can ignore weather, but this one is looking like 30 MPH winds with gusts over 50 MPH. Sure, Allen could get it done on the ground, but I’m worried about banking on that. This is a 2QB league, so these are my only options as my 2nd QB.
  18. Fwiw...I’m holding on my bench for 1 more week. If it doesn’t happen this week I’m dropping DMont in a 10 team league.
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