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  1. I just lost: Dalvin Cook (concussion) Hopkins and Ryan Griffin (I have Watson) Evans (I have Evans and Winston) In a span of 5 minutes.
  2. Dalvin Cook. Screw fantasy football. I’m actually done after this year. Spend way too much time on this game of luck. And now Hopkins looks like he’s got a concussion as well, and I’ve got Watson. Also their TE just knocked out. And Evans scores a TD but gets injured. And I’ve got both Evans and Winston. Pure trash this game is. 1 quarter into the playoffs.
  3. Heard Dalvin is getting checked for concussion. Anyone see it?
  4. Wow, not being on the injury report is such a farce. I’ll never understand why some teams/players report injuries every week for the smallest of things while others get away with leaving off players who just got their leg amputated.
  5. Interesting word choice. This does not sound pleasant.
  6. I think it is highly likely that Dalvin will either play or won’t play. If he does play, it’s highly likely he will either play the full game or won’t play the full game.
  7. As someone who has almost no medical knowledge, the best I can come up with is “Air Conditioning” joint and “Supply Chain” joint. Care to expound on the different between AC and SC joint? 😁
  8. It’s his shoulder. Of course he walked off. Looks pretty clear he’s not coming back in this game, and given the stakes I think that’s a pretty bad indication of next week.
  9. Re-injured. I think he’s out for extended time. Screw fantasy football. I’ve got to quit next year.
  10. I want pick 6 Winston back. This version sucks.
  11. So many targets for Evans with almost nothing to show for it. Not watching the game - are these bad throws by Winston, drops by Evans, good defense?
  12. 👀 👀 👀 Sanders about to eat his Thanksgiving dinner a few days late.
  13. This team is just playing really well right now, and Allen’s consistency is a big part of it. Rushing yards and TDs to boot for fantasy. Will I have the guts to start him in the fantasy playoffs vs Baltimore? That is the question.
  14. Of course it’s guaranteed now that Monty will roll off 4 straight games of 25/180/3
  15. I dropped Monty because I’ve clinched the playoffs and will never trust him in my playoff lineup. In fact, I will be ecstatic if my playoff opponent starts him against me.
  16. A re-kick to start the game. Don’t get your hopes up that anything that exciting is going to happen again this game.
  17. I dropped him and he cleared waivers. I’m sick of this turd. Maybe he falls into the end zone twice. So be it.
  18. Hard to tell on TV because he had so little action. But his 38 yard catch was a typical Lockett stud route and catch.
  19. I had actually heard before going into the game that the Eagles have allowed the least points to slot receivers this year. They’re so weak on the outside, that’s where teams attack them. So although the Eagles are a great matchup on paper for WRs, that’s not the case for slot receivers. I don’t have a source, but that’s what I heard on a podcast or read somewhere.
  20. I’m dropping. There’s about 50 other RBs I’d rather have.
  21. 11.9 points from Evans, Lockett, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders, and Waller at half-time
  22. 0 points from Evans and Lockett, nearly end of 1st half
  23. Nagy is a freaking clown. 17 passes and 4 rushes yet again. Worst head coach in the NFL, and I’m dead serious. He’s freaking clueless and at Jeff Fisher level.
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