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  1. This could just be coming from coach speak, or it could just be faulty analysis by a reporter. But with that said, I think it’s reasonable to expect that Ajayi has a healthy-sized role. As large as Howard? Maybe, maybe not. But the reality is I just don’t think Sanders has a chance at being the main guy here, and I don’t think it’ll happen anytime this year (if ever). He’s just not a good runner between the tackles. He’ll always have opportunity to break a big one when he gets space, but I see no path to him being anything but a low volume boom/bust RB and that is not the type of RB I car
  2. Why the crap did the Texans call a timeout there when there’s a possible review?
  3. Nuk must have seen that graphic they showed earlier of him vs Hilton in Texans vs Colts games.
  4. It’s incredible how much Hopkins has underproduced this year. He’s unreal.
  5. 4 fantasy points from Watson in almost 6 quarters. Screw fantasy football. I’m even having a good season, but screw it. I say that every year around this time, and then I’m always still back next year.
  6. Ehh I’m sorry but this is just typical rotoworld logic... 1) if teammates are injured, then it’s good for the player I own because he’ll get the ball more 2) if teammates are getting back from injury, it’s good for the player I own because the defense will have to cover more players I don’t think it works both ways like that is. Truthfully, we really know very little about how injuries are going to impact other players’ outcomes.
  7. Is it bad I’m hoping Howard plays so I can go ahead and drop this turd in the commode?
  8. Evans didn’t even play football until his senior year of high school, so Manziel and Winston are basically the only QBs he’s ever had throw the ball to him. Yikes.
  9. If fantasy football was truly ALL luck, you could put the players on NFL rosters in a random generator to pick your lineup and it would have just as good a chance of winning as the next lineup. I know that sounds like a silly point, but I think it’s an important point. Generally when we say “fantasy football is luck”, what we mean is that the average joe can go based of consensus draft rankings or consensus weekly projections to set their lineup and have a great chance of beating someone who puts in a ton more time. And that is absolutely true. And I believe that’s because the fantas
  10. Didn’t realize he’s gone 5 games without a pick. Impressive regardless of who he’s played.
  11. He’s a pretty explosive back, but he’s terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE) at finding holes. You don’t even have to look that hard with this OL, but he somehow still misses them. If he could get a 60% touch share and simply take what’s given to him by the OL, he’d easily be a top 15 fantasy back.
  12. Back to the waiver wire you go. Obviously will wait to see Howard’s status, but this guy is a bum. I chose to start him over Ronald Jones, Michel, and Montgomery. With only Montgomery left to play, somehow starting Sanders is looking like the right choice. LOL
  13. Nice overturn there. Catch reviews have seemed to be more rational over the last 2 years. They’ve moved on to screwing up PI.
  14. I think according to NFL rules that’s an INT, but that just shows how trash NFL rules are. In no rational mind is that an INT.
  15. There’s the game we’ve been waiting for. The Dolphins staying within striking distance was huge.
  16. I stand by my statement that Winston is not a top 20 NFL QB. I don’t care how many yards he puts up. He puts his team in the hole every single game. Any game managing QB who gets 200 yards and limits turnovers is an upgrade for a franchise over Winston.
  17. Evans gets a 7 yard catch and negated by DEFENSIVE penalty lol
  18. The Vikings haven’t even been on the field. What the heck are they giving Cook a break for? Retarded.
  19. Down 17-0, and the Vikings roll Mattison out for the first 4 carries of the drive. Looks like they’re already mailing this one in. What an joke.
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