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  1. I’m going Sanders over RoJo has well. Have Sanders, RoJo, Montgomery, Michel. What a lovely bunch.
  2. Being as unbiased as possible, what kind of split should we expect here? Will Sanders almost certainly be the lead back? Wouldn’t think Ajayi sees too many touches after being signed Friday, but Drake did with the Cardinals and Ajayi already knows the Eagles’ offense.
  3. Which is why I will bench him this week, which is why he will go 15/80/1 and 8/60/1, which is why I will start him next week with confidence in a great matchup against ATL, which is why he will get benched next week, all of which is why you should start him this week with confidence.
  4. Yea it’s tough. I had the same hopes but also the same concerns. It depends on league scoring settings, but in most leagues those counting stats (sacks and interceptions) are what’s most important. So while I thought a game like Thursday was possible, I still expected around 3 sacks and at least 1 turnover. That would have turned a 3 point game (in my league) into a 7 point game. Only 1 sack and no turnovers was killer and completely out of the ordinary from what we’ve seen from this Steelers defense. The question is, what does it look like going forward? I’m rolling them out next week vs
  5. Here’s the reason for the look at Ajayi.
  6. Not sure whether to take this Ajayi news as potential good that Howard might be out, or bad that he’ll just be replaced by Ajayi.
  7. I’m forced to start Kirk as my WR2 this week with Adams and Lockett on bye. I don’t have any other active WRs, and while there is one WR on waivers that I think might have a better week, I don’t see it being worth it wasting a roster spot at this point in the year for a one week WR3 rental. Players surprise in tough matchups sometimes, so I’ll just hope this is one of those weeks.
  8. Montgomery has a minor ankle injury and Trubisky had his throwing arm amputated. That should be enough for Nagy to bench Montgomery and have Trubisky throw on 90% of plays this week.
  9. Who knows if Schefter is reporting “he’ll be ready to play vs Philly” based off of anything more than Carrol’s comments, but at least it’s Schefter reporting this and not the Rap fraud.
  10. I think it’s reasonable to expect that what the coach says is the more likely outcome. At the same time, it’s prudent to recognize Carrol is notorious for being overly positive about player recovery timelines, so if there’s something you can/need to do to prep your fantasy team for a Lockett absence, then I think that’s wise as well. That could mean rostering a WR that has a good week 12 matchup, when you might otherwise lean towards a different player. But if there’s nothing you can do for your fantasy team one way or the other, we might as well accept Carrol’s comment at face value
  11. It almost makes me fear a non-contact injury which always the first thing to come to mind there is ACL. I have zero knowledge of what happened, but he fields the kick to end regulation, and then is done for the game. Makes no sense. I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. Bye week up next, so good timing as long as it’s minor. Could be a hamstring or calf, which who knows what the timeline will be on that.
  12. What in the world is the injury?! Fields the kickoff at the end of reg, and then he’s out?
  13. I’m worried about this Lockett injury. Just seems weird. Maybe something like a minor calf strain, but idk
  14. I need 23.5 half-ppr from Lockett in what’s probably the toughest slot WR matchup possible. With that said, Wilson and Lockett are just playing on another level right now. 18 half-ppr from Lockett wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but 23.5 is quite a mountain to climb. I have a decent amount of confidence going into this one, with full awareness it could be a complete dud from Lockett as well.
  15. We’re up to 3 million % better now!! “It’s 3 million percent better,” Adams said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.
  16. Unless I get 23.5 half-ppr points from Lockett tonight, I’ll have lost for the 3rd time to the highest scorer of the week, and those will be my only 3 losses so far. 2 of the 3 weeks, I was the 2nd highest scorer (by a significant margin). Can’t complain too much about 7-3, except I’m still having to fight for a playoff spot when I should be coasting in (and able to make roster moves to plan for the playoffs instead of next week’s games). I’m going to be 150 points ahead of anyone else in my league after this week, but only 1 game ahead of being out of a playoff spot.
  17. How does he practice and game plan all week and then go out and throw a pick on the first play seemingly every game? There’s no way he’s a top 20 NFL QB. With that said, I don’t mind them giving him a small contract if there’s not a QB in the draft they like and think they can get, and the only other QBs available are free agent fodder. The problem is, I’m assuming that if they sign him to a new contract it’s going to be a fairly big contract. I doubt he’s going to re-sign for QB25 money. It’s going to be something like QB10 money I would assume, and I just don’t know how you lock yourself int
  18. I saw that happen live on stat tracker too. 4th and 2 from their own 35 or something like that. All of a sudden 1st down on a 3 yard run by Monty. I’m like you just trusted Monty on a FOURTH AND TWO from your OWN 35, but you otherwise refuse to run the football until the 4th quarter? What an absolute bozo. I just don’t get this team.
  19. That’s pretty incredible. With that said, the only two times I put Montgomery in my lineup and thought I could trust him was weeks 1 and 10. He got a total of 11 points those two weeks. So maybe there’s bigger busts, but Montgomery is a huge bust.
  20. Saints up next week...Lattimore usually matches up on Evans, right? That was Evans’ goose egg week. 🥳🥳🥳 This was the Rotoworld matchup article from back in week 5: https://www.rotoworld.com/article/numbers/nfl-week-5-wrcb-matchups-and-te-analysis?page=1 Projected shadow matchups: Mike Evansvs. Marshon Lattimore WR/CB breakdown: The Buccaneers' passing game has elevated both Mike Evansand Chris Godwin to great heights, as they're the league's PPR WR4 and WR3 through four weeks, respectively. Godwin again has the group's best matchup from the friendly confine
  21. How many first drive INTs has Winston thrown this year? Serious question - would be interested in the stat. I know there was the Cardinals and Panthers (in London). Almost certain there was at least one more but can’t recall specifics. I need to re-adjust my Winston projections starting from -2. It really is incredible.
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