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  1. Start 2 QBs, this is my team’s yardage and TDs this week vs my opponent’s yardage and TDs. And Cook just got vultured on the 1 yard line twice. I still have 3 quarters of Cook plus Lockett left to go and my opponent has no one, but I’m down by 41. Me - 1065 yds, 5 TDs Opp - 912 yds, 12 TDs
  2. Can never trust Monty in this trash offense. I’ve started him week 1 and this week. 11 total half-ppr points from my 4th round pick. What a joke.
  3. Adams was due for some positive TD regression and Aaron Jones was due for some negative TD regression. Guess who I have and who my opponent has...gotta love fantasy football. Regardless, nice game by Adams.
  4. Nice!!!! I need Adams to eat today with the way these 12:00 games are going
  5. Yup Cohen game. Just knew it would be. Unreal
  6. This is my 1st time to start him since week 1, lol!!!!!
  7. Bears can’t run the ball against the worst PPR run defense in the league. Incredible. I don’t see any way Nagy escapes this season.
  8. Alright, it’s show time. The line has moved all the way to Bears -6.5 (from around -2.5) due to Stafford being out. If Nagy tries to get cute and turn this into a Cohen / Patterson game, I’m gonna...I don’t even know what I’m gonna. Run the stupid football Nagy!
  9. We’ll see. I’m going to root for solid to great performances from both of them, and I’m expecting that’s what happens.
  10. I want to start Singletary so bad, but I flipped a coin and going with Montgomery. I think both have a good day. But good luck to any of you starting Singletary. I think we may have a stud down the stretch run here.
  11. Is our Monty pick finally about to pay off? This will be my first week with him in my lineup since week 1. Run the ball Nagy!
  12. He would at least be listed as questionable though if he’s a game-time decision, right?
  13. So looks like no Questionable tag, nice!
  14. Any practice report on Lockett today? I assume there was a Saturday practice since they play Monday
  15. Just FYI things are trending poorly for Stafford playing.
  16. This could be huge for game script for Monty!
  17. Wow didn’t even realize Evans was running out of the slot at all. Interesting and nice!
  18. Yes, I don’t expect Cook to get completely shut down, but the consistent 20-25 half-ppr games may be out the window if Zimmer can’t adjust. Their game plan was trash last game.
  19. I thought there was reason to fear this...
  20. “The other 10 were limited participants, and linebacker Bobby Wagner, wide receiver Tyler Lockett and running back Chris Carson had non-injury designations.” What does a “non-injury designation” mean?
  21. Gotta love a late week appearance on the injury report with an upcoming Monday game...perfect.
  22. Just got a yahoo notification that Lockett was tagged as questionable, but I don’t see anything about an injury.
  23. The Cardinals only have 2 INTs all year. 6 INTs incoming for Winston.
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