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  1. Practically everyone is injured at this point in the year. I suspect it comes down to their assessment of chance of worsening the injury by playing.
  2. Based on this blurb, Bradberry didn’t practice this week. Hopefully he’ll either be out or even more limited than Adams.
  3. It’ll help when HH doesn’t have a rookie at QB
  4. You can’t bench a rookie like that in his first season
  5. 1 minute left with 3 timeouts. Need to go 30-40 yards. What do we do? Throw 8 straight hail mary’s!!
  6. Finally throws to HH on the crossing route when he’s completely covered lol
  7. Wow of course he has to miss the extra point to end the possibility of OT
  8. Maybe we’ll get OT to boost the lackluster fantasy stats tonight
  9. Is that the 4th offsides penalty on the Raiders? Not sure ive ever seen that before
  10. The Chargers will be better in the future when they don’t have a rookie at QB
  11. Reported for even mentioning those emotionally destructive confused emojis. I’m going to have to go see my psychologist now tomorrow for just even hearing you bring that up.
  12. I’m pretty good at this game day coaching
  13. Haven’t heard Badgley discussed much here...can we get a FG or what?!
  14. Yes, injured on the 1st snap of the game. The 4/30/1 stat line has been credited to his fantasy owners for free.
  15. You could see that play designed for Waller from the start
  16. I love the length of NFL halftimes. Indistinguishable from breaks for replay reviews...
  17. Idk. The Raiders pay him big money and then remove him from the game plan moving forward? Gotta think he gets involved again here soon. But what do I know.
  18. I hear you. But they rarely throw to Jacobs, so if he’s in there the defense thinks run. Sounds dumb to me, but I’m assuming that’s the reason for bringing in a passing down back and then running.
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