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  1. I would assume it’s to make the defense think pass, but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense
  2. pdog posted recently on the David Montgomery thread that he’s probably starting him this week. So the Bears game day thread should be fun.
  3. Today is going to be a goose egg from HH going against one of the league’s worst defenses vs TEs
  4. Bad for Badgley though and who knows where the targets are gonna go. Chargers completely out of sync.
  5. Wow starting HH and Badgley tonight is going to be bad bad news.
  6. Eli, Rivers, Big Ben. Such a weird group to come out of the same class.
  7. Same here. Which means Waller is going to eat tonight... I sat Waller for Henry on Waller’s 2 TD night, so I fully expect more to come tonight. Lol
  8. I don’t like the sound of this for this week. Going against a big-bodied CB in Bradberry, if Adams isn’t up to full speed yet I can easily see him being mostly shut down. I think Adams should be viewed as more of a mid-WR2 this week, and for that reason I’m genuinely considering starting Singletary over him at Flex. If healthy, I start my studs no matter the matchup, but I don’t like the sound of where he’s at right now. Hopefully we’re full go after the bye (and unfortunately we get the 49ers...)
  9. A good comp for RoJo is a Barry Sanders, Lebron James, Lionel Messi threesome man-child who fell off the apple truck as a kid and shattered both legs before his sister gouged out his eyes and later experienced brain damage in a factory chemical spill as a teenager.
  10. Alright I dropped SF for PIT due to PIT’s ROS schedule and not being confident enough about SF performing better this week vs SEA compared to PIT vs LAR. I can only roster 1 defense right now, so did I make a good move?...
  11. Sounds like a game for Nagy to decide to give Cohen 15 touches. Just sayin.
  12. Are the Lions really THAT bad against the run? I know that fantasy points against says that they are, but in their last 4 games they’ve faced: Aaron Jones/Williams Cook Saquon Jacobs Football outsiders has them ranked as the #18 run defense, so middle of the road. I can’t fully vouch for the accuracy of their rating system, but it supposedly takes into account strength of opponent. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef/2019 I’m not saying Monty shouldn’t be expected to put up a nice day, I’m just trying to vet this. I drafted Monty based on RW and analyst hype in the first place, so I’m skeptical.
  13. I’m just scared to death of Nagy. I so badly want to start Singletary instead, but almost everyone seems to have Monty as a ~#15 RB this week. If I start him and Nagy pivots away from him again, I’m rage dropping.
  14. Short week on the road last week vs long week at home this week. That’s what I’m telling myself for now. But yes this Seahawks offense scares me right now.
  15. How tough is the matchup against Bradberry this week? I know Evans has really struggled against him.
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