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  1. Is SF ok to start with them playing against SEA this week? At home and favored by 6. But that SEA offense scares me. Does SF have a decent chance at turnovers and sacks? My other option would be Rams @ PIT, but I don’t know that I like that.
  2. Monty vs DET Singletary @ CLE Both have good matchups (imo). Almost all rankings have Monty 4-5 spots ahead of Singletary and I don’t really understand it. Monty has definitely been better the past couple weeks, but I guess I just have 0 faith in Nagy. I could see this game getting out of hand if the Lions put up early points, and Nagy abandon the run again. I see Singletary producing regardless of game script. I also just think Singletary is better based on what I’ve seen so far. Am I blinded about something on either of these players?
  3. This is a 2QB league (start 2 QBs). 10 team half-ppr. I’m 7-2 so Fournette being on bye this week is not a major problem. I have Singletary who can fill in. QB Watson, Winston RB Cook, Singletary WR Evans, Adams TE Waller Flex Lockett Bench Josh Allen, David Montgomery, Michel, Latavius Murray, Mattison, Kirk, Hunter Henry Even though I do have Waller, I’m hesitant to give up Hunter Henry because if Waller gets injured I’ll be left with trash at TE. Montgomery may be breaking out, but Fournette is proven (though injuries are a concern especially as the season drags on).
  4. And Drake to the 49ers, Latavius Murray to the Bears
  5. Half-ppr, 4 point passing TDs, -2 INT/fumble: Evans 153.2 points Godwin 142.4 points Winston 144.2 points Lol
  6. I think the formula is pretty simple: - Pats favored by 10+ and Burkhead inactive = safe start - One of the above not true = sit him for any other top 25 RB option - Neither of the above are true = sit him for Eddie Lacy
  7. Granted, Cook would have been right with the top 4 RBs in this year’s draft if it wasn’t for injury concerns. So his owners took on that risk to get the reward.
  8. Knock on wood... Cook and Fournette are the epitome of health while Barkley and Kamara...
  9. Watching Lockett... But considering that this is Lockett, this must have been the immaculate conception...
  10. In 2015-2016 Gore had absolutely no competition on the Colts. In 2017, he was competing with a rookie in Mack who struggled to stay healthy and the Colts were awful. In 2018, the Dolphins kept feeding him over Drake - we’ve seen what an incompetent organization they’ve been. Perhaps (no guarantee, but perhaps) the impression that a 36 year old Gore will never go away is not true. Singletary is clearly their best back, and the Bills are 6-2 with a great chance at only their 2nd playoff appearance since 1999. Singletary may be about to take over the workhorse role in this backfield. Goal line touches will certainly be important to watch.
  11. Not like this impacts DMont since Davis is hardly playing anyways, but an interesting short read on how screwed this franchise is. Went all-in to win this year and they’re not even going to sniff the playoffs.
  12. Whatever they did, hope it didn’t create a blueprint for other teams. Also I didn’t like that the Vikings seemed to pivot away from Cook on 3rd downs.
  13. I wouldn’t say no one...go check out the Kamara thread lol
  14. People were talking about dropping Evans a couple weeks ago. The dude now has three 180+ yard games on the season and his remaining schedule is: Cardinals Saints Falcons Jaguars Colts Lions Texans Oh my. 😱😱😱😱😱
  15. I know this is absolutely ridiculous to say, but is Adams bad for the Packers offense? I know it’s not true...but what in the world was that today?
  16. Looks like like he was stepped on, not an ankle sprain. Hopefully that’s a good thing.
  17. What a ridiculous game plan. In fact I don’t even know what the game plan was...
  18. Wow would’ve been better off benching Cook for David Montgomery and Devin Singletary in the same week. Never thought that could be possible.
  19. Obviously was joking, but the fact I was able to say that just feels good. So I had to say it.
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