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  1. Monty vs DET

    Singletary @ CLE

    Both have good matchups (imo).

    Almost all rankings have Monty 4-5 spots ahead of Singletary and I don’t really understand it.

    Monty has definitely been better the past couple weeks, but I guess I just have 0 faith in Nagy. I could see this game getting out of hand if the Lions put up early points, and Nagy abandon the run again. 

    I see Singletary producing regardless of game script.

    I also just think Singletary is better based on what I’ve seen so far.

    Am I blinded about something on either of these players?

  2. This is a 2QB league (start 2 QBs). 10 team half-ppr. I’m 7-2 so Fournette being on bye this week is not a major problem. I have Singletary who can fill in. 

    QB Watson, Winston

    RB Cook, Singletary

    WR Evans, Adams

    TE Waller

    Flex Lockett

    Bench Josh Allen, David Montgomery, Michel, Latavius Murray, Mattison, Kirk, Hunter Henry


    Even though I do have Waller, I’m hesitant to give up Hunter Henry because if Waller gets injured I’ll be left with trash at TE. Montgomery may be breaking out, but Fournette is proven (though injuries are a concern especially as the season drags on).

  3. 37 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

    Love going to threads where people complain about their steal of the draft RB having an underwhelming day...cry me a river.

    He's been more than elite this year, and has smashed his ADP. He's allowed to stink, and you all are really lucky for even owning him in the first place despite some of the red flags. 

    I wish I took this guy over Chubb although the Gap isn't that far....I trust the Vikings way more than the Browns. 


    Granted, Cook would have been right with the top 4 RBs in this year’s draft if it wasn’t for injury concerns. So his owners took on that risk to get the reward.

  4. In 2015-2016 Gore had absolutely no competition on the Colts. In 2017, he was competing with a rookie in Mack who struggled to stay healthy and the Colts were awful. In 2018, the Dolphins kept feeding him over Drake - we’ve seen what an incompetent organization they’ve been.

    Perhaps (no guarantee, but perhaps) the impression that a 36 year old Gore will never go away is not true. Singletary is clearly their best back, and the Bills are 6-2 with a great chance at only their 2nd playoff appearance since 1999. Singletary may be about to take over the workhorse role in this backfield. Goal line touches will certainly be important to watch. 

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  5. On 11/3/2019 at 12:37 AM, Nguvocity said:

    Latavius Murray put up bigger numbers two weeks in a row. No one is saying Murray is going to takeover the starting role lol.


    Murray is also only 1 point behind Kamara...


    If DJ is healthy, they will roll with him. And line him out wide. 


    I wouldn’t say no one...go check out the Kamara thread lol

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