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  1. I should’ve started David Montgomery over Dalvin Cook 😱😱😱
  2. Are the Chiefs stacking the box and daring Cousins to throw? Never seen Dalvin with so many 1 yard runs.
  3. Vikings going to lose his game in Nagy fashion with absolutely boneheaded play calling. Good grief.
  4. Is Abdullah actually the 3rd down back now? You have to be kidding me.
  5. Is Bradbury good? Sorry my o-line knowledge is really poor. I swear every time I see a penalty on the Vikings offense, it’s Bradbury. Not just today but every game.
  6. Abdullah and Ham the only ones breaking pig plays today. What in the world lol
  7. So you run DMont at the goal line and he gets a TD? It’s a mircacle. What formation were they in? I can’t watch.
  8. In a game where Cook can’t get anything going, Abdullah gets a 16 yard TD...lol
  9. Perhaps with your QB throwing 9/21 in the 1st half, you should come out in the 2nd and figure out how to run the football with your stud RB.
  10. What are the Chiefs doing to stop Cook? It’s insane he’s not having a career day against this team.
  11. How in the world are the Vikings struggling to run the ball against the Chiefs? 🤦‍♂️
  12. Quote: The forecast for today's Redskins-Bills game calls for winds between 15 and 20 mph with gusts around 30 mph. It won't be as windy as it was last week, but this is still enough to give slight bumps down to the passing and kicking games. Hopefully you were already avoiding Washington's passing game (including Terry McLaurin) in rookie QB Dwayne Haskins' 1st start. QB Josh Allen and WR John Brown remain fine plays on the Buffalo side. We'd try not to use either K in this game.
  13. So with Adams trending towards playing, it’s time to start worrying about other things...how concerned should we be about the matchup against Casey Hayward?
  14. This video talks about Evans being the go-to WR against man-to-man and Godwin being the go-to against zone. Anyone care to say what the defenses remaining on the schedule general play? Seahawks Cardinals Saints Falcons Jaguars Colts Lions Texans
  15. I own Murray and don’t own Kamara, and this is a ridiculous take.
  16. Ok maybe I misread about Howard. Is there any chance you sit Watson? Or is he a player you have to start no matter what?
  17. Tunsil and Tytus Howard are out. I just have a bad feeling about this game. No o-line, London game, Watson’s eye (maybe it’s fully recovered but I haven’t heard whether it could be limiting his vision some). Want to sit Watson for Winston and Josh Allen in a 2QB league, but can’t do it.
  18. The Bears had 338 total yards to the Chargers’ 231, and 38 minutes TOP to the Chargers’ 22 minutes. The Bears did have 1 more turnover than the Chargers. But with that domination they still lost because they couldn’t punch it in on 1st and goal from the 5 yard line 3 different times due to going shotgun. The game should have been out of hand before the missed field goal at the end (ironically that too was Nagy’s play calling failure due to not lining up his kicker where he likes it even though they had 40 seconds to get the ball lined up wherever they wanted).
  19. I suspect the O-line also played better as well. Word before last game was that the O-line has been upset about the play calling, but Nagy also challenged them that they’ve also got to play better (I don’t have the link at hand but I recall it somewhere earlier in this thread). Fair complaints by both sides. Perhaps things start coming together here in the 2nd half of the season. With that said, 3 series stopped inside the 10 yard line because Nagy refused to pivot away from Shotgun...that type of stupid may not be fixable.
  20. Don’t know why that linked to Dolphins-Steelers. Here’s the right one
  21. I didn’t watch the game last week. Just watched the 12 minute highlights on YouTube. They were on the goal line 3 times in the first half, ran shotgun every time (mostly passes, but also got stuffed when they tried to run), and came away with 3 field goals. DMont’s TD came early in the 2nd half when they were at the goal line (5 yard line to be exact) and ran I-form. Nagy, keep it simple stupid.
  22. DMont will probably completely surprise with 30/150/1 against the tough Eagles run D while on everyone’s bench, and then go back to 2 touches next week lol
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