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  1. 9 Category standard Lowry, Dinwiddie, Mitchell, Seth Curry Dipo, Tyreke, Gary Harris Giannis, Tatum Dedmon, Horford, Collins Turner Was considering trading Tatum straight up but the guy might not accept that. I could throw in Seth Curry.
  2. .5 PPR Right now I have Forte and Landry. I think Carolina may limit Landry to like 50 yards and 7 catches and I already have only 3 pts from AP. Might need to roll the dice with Morris and hope he gets 20 carries and a TD or two.
  3. 9 Category H2H Lowry, Fox, Seth Curry, D. Murray, Mike James Oladipo, Delon Wright, Lavert Giannis, Tatum, Gary Harris Horford Myles Turner Wire: Danny Green, Rozier.
  4. 12 team 9 Category Lowry, Seth Curry, Fox (Lin) Oladipo, Gary Harris Giannis, Tatum (Markieff) Myles Turnerm, Dieng Horford, Pau I dropped Lin and Markieff. What stats should I focus on? There are a few guards like Murray on Spurs. Assists, steals and points are premium right?
  5. I wouldn't trade him for anyone outside of Rodgers and Brady. I probably wouldn't trade and the Rodgers and Brady owner probably won't make the trade.
  6. .5 PPR Start 2 RB, 2WR 2 Flex Melvin Gordon, Fournette, Tarik Cohen MIN, Nelson, Hilton, Golden Tate, Jarvis Landry TEN, Cobb DAL
  7. Even NE has lost two times this year though they are almost a lock to defeat lesser teams. Probably going with PIT. I used GB and Seattle already.
  8. I think if you don't have good choices a team to consider picking against is the Browns. I know they will probably win a game here and there but they are probably the worst team with the Jets. The odds are in your favor if you pick a decent or above average team against the Browns.
  9. I don't know if I would drop EE for Vernon Davis. EE has value while VD only has value if Reed is out. It is possible Reed stays healthy but doesn't play well.
  10. Reed vs KC expects to play on MNF. Engram vs TB has been consistent and the a Bucs MLB is out.
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