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  1. I’m punting BLK and TO at the moment. Also I’m the worst team at FT% just because of Howard. I would be one of the best teams in that cat if I didn’t have him. So the biggest concern I have with Adams is his FT% (also reb and FG%). He’s a career 57% free throw shooter and last season he averaged 61% on 3.2 attempts. This season he’s sitting at 71% on 2.6 attempts per game (this season would be the third in a row he improves his FT shooting tho). I can’t tell if he has improved so much or it’s just a fluke/hot start.
  2. I’m thinking about trading Howard for him because of his FT%, STLs and TOs. I’m worried about Adams rebound numbers tho. Big gap between him and Howard. So, any owners here to tell if that great FT% and FG% are just a hot start? A fluke? Or he’s improved and he’s gonna maintain that? Does it compensate his lack of rebounds? Thanks.
  3. I know the young players are inconsistent but Randolph and Hill really have no bussines being on this team
  4. He wasn’t doing ok. He’s a chucker and has attitude problems.
  5. The Lakers aren’t trying to tank. Luke Walton isn’t a very good coach. He has no idea of how to use Lopez and Randle effectively.
  6. I still don’t understand what’s going on there. They would rather play a 37 year old ZBo and a 40 year old Carter and go 1-8 instead of playing their young guys and go 0-9 or the same 1-8? Seriously what’s wrong with this org? Poor Cauley-Stein, Skal, Fox, Jackson... Seriously, their entire offense is based on Zbo’s corpse.
  7. Brown is shooting near 80% at home and something like 40% on the road. His ft issues gotta be a mental thing. He’s young guys, he’s gonna be inconsistent. Loving him on my punt ft team tho.
  8. He will probably eat more of Baynes and Theis minutes, moving Horford to the 5. Although Tatum got benched for him at crunch time last night.
  9. Kings are a mess. What the f--- are Randolph and Hill doing on this team? ffs
  10. Punt assists, 16 team 9cat h2h, DYNASTY PG Conley SG Beal SF Gordon PF Davis C Nurkic Util Smart Bazemore CJ Miles Prince Oubre Kidd-Gilchrist J Collins Cauley-Stein Ntilikina Ilyasova how is my team looking?
  11. I would try to do some 2x1 trades first, so I wouldn’t need to drop anyone. About %s, even though I don’t have any punt FG% bigs my FT% isn’t really strong rn (76-77 I think). I was thinking about adding Howard (he would anchor FG) and punt FT alongside assists (tho Howard is almost a punt TO player)
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