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  1. What I will do next year. 1. Go RB, RB and possibly RB.... finding a healthy workhorse RB is much harder to find than a WR that can give you 10-15 points. I made it to the championship with Golladay and ODB as my 1 and 2 receiver this year ( puke) 2. With my RB picks...make an effort to go young... Swift, Gibson.. Taylor...etc... 3, Avoid WR's with a garbage QB.
  2. Or.... you played a team with Kamara, Adams and T Brady as QB. Henry got me to the playoffs but to win this championship I needed a blowup from him last night. We often lose sight that some weeks are not winnable.... Knowing how the season played out.. I would still take Henry every time in the first round.
  3. Pretty confident I am losing this championship.... Davante was my undoing... this will now be the 4th year in a row finishing in 2nd.
  4. Questions... 1. With this news of Tyreek Hill...do I bench him? No... I would not bench Hill.. I could not live with myself if I benched my star and he ended up going off. 2. If I bench Hill, do I love Higgins to WR position thus freeing up my flex? My opinion is keep Hill in 3. If I move Higgins from flex...who’s my play...Malcolm Brown @ SEA, ZMoss @ NE? 4. Do I forego Brown and Moss and pick up FA? Hansen v CIN, Ito Smith @ kC, Guyton v DEN, Tyron Johnson v DEN, MVS vs Ten, Hardman v ATL If you are planning on picking up any FA.. it would be Tyron Johnson.
  5. WHIR... need help with this decision... kicking myself.. Had Irv Smith in my line up and pulled last second. With the Cleveland WR situation i picked up Hooper this morning. Do I go with him or Goedert ? .5ppr. WHIR
  6. .5 ppr.... Have Goedert this week or Irv Smith Jr ? Thanks... WHIR
  7. When Henry finally retires someone will put him out to stud... like a race horse. You do not find 6ft3 250lbs monsters that can out run a 210lb CB in the open field.... and then pick them up my their helmet and toss them aside like a rag doll.
  8. In my big money league... going on a 5 game losing streak. 4 of those games I was the 2nd highest score of the week !!
  9. It would be the most epic Rant and Rave... my tight end threw 2 pick 6's and fumbled... then got benched for Winston.
  10. Props to whoever grabbed him in the leagues where he was tight end eligible. Is there any chance they change that prior to Sunday ?
  11. I honestly keep forgetting i have this guy on my roster. What a waste of a draft pick,,,,
  12. I was playing against Deandre Hopkins in both of my leagues... one league I was up 6 and both our teams weeks ended on the afternoon slate. The Hail Mary beat me.... the other league he had Murray and Deandre Hopkins... the hail mary beat me.
  13. So before i drop this guy in the 2 leagues i have him is the consensus that he is good to drop.... or in a two weeks will someone say man you shouldn't have dropped him
  14. This is a 1 point ppr league. We start RB, RB WR, WR, Flex TE, K Def RB's I have Henry, Gibson, Taylor, Swift WR, Goodwin, Chark, Jeudy, Aiyuk, C Samuel. TE Henry and Irv Smith JR I am Def starting Henry as my RB1 and Gibson as my RB 2. I need help with the flex and receivers spots ? Thanks
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