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  1. Would like to see details as well...also what about moving to fleaflicker? Much better for dynasty and managing picks
  2. Seems like the two big sites for dynasty formats are FleaFlicker and MFL. Looking to get some advice and feedback from people that have used them. I love ESPN, but they obviously don't cater to the dynasty player. I know you can get FleaFlicker for free unless you pay to get rid of the ads, and MFL is like $69 a year. Thanks in advance!
  3. One of my leagues gas an opening. Passed your info on to the LM. Should be reaching out if he hasn't already.
  4. I like this for you. Brady has 1 maybe 2 more years. The Baltimore backfield is an unknown. They don't seem to like Collins and they won't commit. Watkins is, undetermined. I'm not a fan of his. Cam is, well, Cam. He is not the most consistent, but he is a top 5 QB and last year was 2 or 3 in an off year? McKinnon I don't think will be a workhorse, but he should get plenty of work especialy in the passing game and as you mentioned it's PPR.
  5. Looking for some feedback. I would like to have continuous FAAB in the off-season in an ESPN fantasy football league. I've been told different things from ESPN support. Some say it can be done others say it can't. I've tried different leagues and changed the setting from regular FAAB to continuous and the players are always FA's and never on waivers. I've been told from reliable users that they user FAAB in the off-season. Am I missing something?? I created this league at the end of last season and of course the 2018 season isn't open yet. However, I've selected FAAB
  6. What about Howard and 1.05 for 1.01 and Deon Lewis? I'd be getting 1.01
  7. Looking for thoughts and insight. This is half point ppr, dynasty /keeper(10). I would be giving Hunt and potentially Westbrook for the 1.02 and McCaffrey. Would increaset RB depth is the thought process.
  8. Devante Adams With Rodgers I think he is going to be the #1. He put up great numbers even when he was the #2. He just got paid to be the #1 as well.
  9. I agree with SC's mostly. Nelson I'm a little worried about. Will have to see. Goodwin though, I LOVE his upside with JG @ QB. As for rookies, I've not done enough research yet to pick there.
  10. I might need to fill a couple in the new one I've started. Not for sure yet, but if interested I could let you guys know within no more than a week I'd guess
  11. Update on this league. There is a chance I might need up to 3 more spots. We are looking at a .5 PPR 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 D, 1 K. Also thinking of a FAAB system for waivers. Other rules are still TBD and I'm getting everyone's input. We are looking at doing a 10 round draft soon for our keepers and then doing a rookie/FA draft after the NFL draft. I also want all owners in the league GroupMe. Please reply here or PM me if interested or would like more info!!!!
  12. I'm in almost the same boat. I have Rodgers and Dak, looking at starting Foles or Bortles. As for you, Carr is so inconsistent, Flacco has a good matchup, but not Maclin is injured I think. Winston put up some #s, but the Panthers D is no joke.
  13. Who would you pick between Foles and Bortles? I only play 1 QB
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