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  1. how many spots left sir? i have myself and 2 guys looking for something just like this. 3 total owners. How many teams? buy in?
  2. Hi all- I have myself and 2 seasoned vets looking for a solid Dynasty startup. - Roto preferred - open to buy in, $100 is fine - 12-14 teams preferred -Open to all platforms. please DM or email ericmartin0412@gmail.com if any openings. Much appreciated!
  3. Not a "pat self on the back post" but I did want to check back on these projections and take a quick look at how his season would have extrapolated. Assuming 600 ABs here which is what he was pacing: Cavan was on pace for 112 runs, 22 HRs, 76 RBIs, 16.5 steals, 112 BB's (!!!) and 167 Ks. Throw in a .250 AVG and a .374 OBP here. He finished as the #4 2B in my OBP league, and I am glad to see my January projections were almost spot on. He may never be a 30 steal threat in the big leagues, but Cavan Biggio looks to be a perennial 100 run guy, chipping in a .375 OBP a
  4. Hock was in on 82% of snaps yesterday, only trailing Marvin Jones (91%) when it comes to skills positions on offense. Hock is only 23 years old, missed the last 4 games of last season due to injury, and hasnt even played in 16 games yet in his young career. Combine that with no real preseason, he is basically still a rookie. Hock is a focal point of this offense and has proven to be a reliable security blanket late in games and on third down. As a lions fan, I would love to see him even more involved, as he is clearly a proven matchup nightmare in the middle of the field and has proven t
  5. Another DNP for Julio yesterday. Something to monitor today. Would have to think Gage would benefit from this one due to an uptick in targets alone. Can he prove he can do this with more attention on him is the question..
  6. Totally understand if he sits out another week here but any word if he is practicing today or not?
  7. I got him at $49 out of $100 in the bank in a 12 team PPR, next highest was $41, $38, $36. I hated spending that much but clearly i wasnt too far off. If he can perform as a mid RB2 with 15-17 touches a game I will take it until CMac returns. Hoping the receptions help his floor. This is not a layup by any means, though.
  8. Nice start to the year for the young goat. 75% completion%, 6 TD to 2 picks so far, nice matchup against MIA upcoming followed by Cincy next week. Highly debating pulling the plug on Wentz for this guy
  9. With CMac going down for a few weeks, Davis should be the next man up. 8 catches for 74 yards in relief for CMac after he went down, clearly has some receiving chops. He was a popular guy on these boards last year given the uncertainty in Chicago at the time. That obviously flopped. Still only 27 without a ton of mileage. May have to be the #1 WW add, and I personally like his chances much better than anyone behind Saquon..
  10. 5 turnovers w/ 2 TDs through the first 2 weeks. I had this guy pegged as top 5 upside and as a big time value pick in drafts this year. Is the O-line that bad? He did more with so much less at his disposal last year. His weapons are more than sufficient at this point. What's the deal?
  11. Emergency grab to sub in for James White in lieu of the horrible news about White’s parents today
  12. Massive hot take- Jacobs will finish as the RB2 overall in .5PPR this year. 40-50 receptions is in store boys
  13. This is the type of posts I come here for. Thank you sir. Just glad the kid is ready to go week 1.
  14. Mack currently going 100+ overall- obviously Taylor has more talent between the two. Would a fair projection of touches here be 50% to Taylor, 35% to Mack, 15% Hines? If so, you'd have to think Mack offers flex value. Tough to gauge. Zero clear path to consistent carries to the RBs going in this tier (RoJo, Cohen, Breida, Mattison, Coleman, Howard, Mack)..
  15. Who do we expect to close for the Mariners with Williams gone now?
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