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  1. only reason not to draft is so that you can steal him when he goes on one of his patented slumps...
  2. He's at 50.5%/80.3% for the season... those are both positive contributions, especially the FG%. I think the FG% should continue to improve (it's at 51.4% for the last 2 months and 56.1% for the last 2 weeks). He's finally sitting at top 10 value (8 cat) for the last month and hopefully is finally in shape to keep that up
  3. Even if the thunder get Len in the trade, he'd be an expiring contract and I don't expect him to play as many minutes as Adams due to his size/injuries and role
  4. 1. He was out with a back injury to start the year and took a while to get back into it. 2. The question is do they consider him a 1 or also play him at the 2. Previously they've mostly used him at the 1 but his path to bigger minutes is if they play him at the 2 next to Jah. He is an excellent defender with a good wingspan and their other options at the 2 aren't amazing
  5. Why are they going 11 deep? Also old man Aldridge is already at 24 mins with 1.5 qrtrs to go
  6. even if/when Beasley is traded, how many minutes will MPJ get with Juancho also needing minutes and Barton/Harris/Grant playing well?
  7. 12 team 9 cat H2H w/ 2 IR. Was sitting in 1st place so ended up excitedly getting Fox, Hayward, Ayton on my team but since have had long term injuries to Lowry, Vooch, Lonzo, Favors with a sprinkle of issues with Valanciunas and Josh Richardson... 8 out of my 15 players are out. Very excited for Lowry to return and for Ayton to finish serving his suspension.
  8. Knicks future allstars 1. RJ 0/9 2. Knox 1/8 3. DSJ 1/7 4. MitchRob 0/1 (ft 0/2)
  9. Only path to minutes is if he overtakes Wes Matthews and gets some of his minutes
  10. Ranked #72 over the last 2 weeks on the strength of his Stls and %s, while barely hitting 3s. The per 36 Steals rate is outstanding at (2.1-2.6). I'm surprised he's not rebounding more given his size/athleticism...
  11. Spo is playing 9 deep with the injuries (Winslow, DJJ, JJ). I can see him easily go up to 10/11 when the injured guys are back. Chris Silva will lose minutes and probably Robinson/Herro/Dragic/Nunn will all lose minutes to Winslow as well with Spo riding the hot hand. If Nunn goes to 20 mins from his sometimes 30+ that will definitely affect the production
  12. Mins are up but per 36 #'s are down across the board in indy from Phx. Biggest differences are in triples (1 vs 2) and blocks (0.4 vs 0.8) compared to last year. Pts - 18.3 vs 20.4, Rebs 3.8 vs 4.6, Assts 1.1 vs 1.7, Stls 1.2 vs 1.3. Hopefully it's potential for improvement...
  13. The hope was for an improvement... Playing the same minutes as last year but the per 36's are down across the board (literally all of them) with Pts, Assts, Stls, Blks, FG, FT as the notable ones The biggest issue is that he's shooting 46.5% from the field instead of 51%. The FGA are about the same. Seems to me that he's just taking a lot more 3s but not making them at a good enough rate. Hopefully that gets corrected.
  14. Even if they actually want to trade Rozier (they just signed him to a huge deal) who else would trade anything for him? and by anything we're talking about $20M/yr worth of player(s)
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