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  1. Like tom chambers said, yahoo WILL be getting paid, as they should, so I'd say the chances of 100% refunds are near 0%. And just like yahoo, why would the nba deny itself of 100s of millions of ads viewed during season games, even if theres no one in the stands. Any clue how much $$ the nba makes off tv advertising?? A lotttttt! I don't know how much but I'd imagine it's in the hundreds of millions, probably billions. They're not gonna just toss that money in the trash, because at least in terms of finances and the nba being a business, better VERY VERY late than never. I could eve
  2. So far 200ish people have died in the US. Not saying it won't increase but that's a very very tiny amount of people out of the hundreds of millions here. Not worth putting millions out of job's and running fringe successful small business owners to the ground. 200 people probably get hit by a piano every year, as well as get their wallets stolen by leprichons. Even the 4k in italy isn't that much for a gov't shut down.
  3. About 9k have died from corona, about 50k kill themselves by choice every year, 4/5 men, and 50k die a year from the regular flu/pnemonia. Rather than bailing everyone out with the 500 billion trump is proposing after shutting everyone down, they should have just used that money to make more hospitals, a need we have always had. Overfilled hospitals has been a problem, forever.. still not being addressed... Also the extrapolations of data to represent how big of a deal this all is, is putting the non tested people like you and me (basically everyone) into healthy status vs potentiall
  4. What does the league care about over working their overpaid players? If the season goes into October and they start in October then so be it. They got their rest right now, and losing teams will bench their stars. Even televising games without fans will bring them more money than not playing them at all. Even if they make $1 vs $0 it makes sense to continue season no matter what because they're paying their players. NBA is about money, not about injury management. Injury management is coaches/players/med staff decision. They can always start the NBA season late next year too. Considering you'r
  5. 20 weeks of data does NOT show who the best teams are. The team that doesn't punt or stash is going to have a great in season record if they do everything right. But if a team stashes and punts a couple categories and does everything right, the punting stasher who makes playoffs with highest game count is the best team. The goal is to 1) make playoffs and 2) win top 2 (maybe 3). The best teams are often the ones that sneak into 6th seed after trading for guys like ayton, collins, fox etc. Seeding means nothing, although a bye is a nice but still means nothing since you dont get paid til
  6. Not sure why the nba wouldn't play max games and just give up all that money. They still need to pay players their money, so why just choose to not make millions upon millions of more $ and give up, vs just delay the season... they get no gain from cancelling the season but a ton of gain from continuing it. It makes no sense not to do it. Why give up money when you don't have to? Unless the gov't will bail out the NBA.
  7. Depends on how he looks out there. Portland is obviously better with a healthy nurkik over a healthy whiteside, as seen by last years #3 seed and playoff win. As soon as its possible for nurk to overtake whiteside it will happen. But to prevent injury, yeah it will probably be a timeshare.
  8. I'd hope those players would only be banned if picked up after the postponement, or by a different team. No reason to deny the guy who paid $70 or took KAT with his 1st round pick the opportunity to get him back considering hes just going back to neutral, vs gaining a KAT. Simmons owners should be able to reap the rewards of him, IF they drafted him or traded for him.
  9. Picking up those players is not much different than picking up a backup after an injury. Everyone has a chance to grab players after news occurs. If the players don't pan out, they still lose the guys they dropped, assuming their IL is filled, which usually is filled end of season. If someone else is going to do add them, might as well do it first, if not addressed.
  10. It's not meaningless to the fans, who make it possible for these guys to make half a billion dollars over their career. The disrespect the nba has for its fans/financial support is absurd. Yes he should be out there if he can do a shoot around. Just because the rest of the nba is filled with pussies doesn't mean steph needs to be one too. Everyone should take a lesson from MVP lebron.
  11. C'mon softy! You've sat enough! Time to get out there
  12. Lineups generally don't change same day, and there's no b2bs to stream now to get for wed/thu, so I'm actually hoping he doesn't play today so I can get an extra game in by using 2 adds then switching him in on Friday with the IL tag still on him. That one game could make a huge difference. Glad to hear he's gonna be back this week either way. Now just need steph and giannis to get back out there. Damn you giannis... no ones safe nowadays.
  13. I want to say yes since he gets 4 games and was before but I'd guess he only plays 3 games if theres a b2b and they may be more careful this time. If you're 50/50 and there's no one with his upside available, I'd grab him but there's a lot of 4 game week teams next week so I wouldn't grab him with much confidence. It's definitely a risk, all I can really say. Proceed with caution.
  14. I've had some good teams with that build (punt fg/to/rbs) but those 3 pt shooting ft% making shot blocking guys get injured non stop! They're all so fragile. Turner Isaac Roco JJJ Oubre J Rich Porzingis... Brook Lopez survived but I can't think of anyone else that would help with blks that would also be considered a punt rb guy. If everyone stays healthy and plays during playoffs, it's a really tough lineup to beat.
  15. It's still dependent on wins. They're not out of the playoff hunt yet, and all they need is to be close. Really tough to tell. I don't think pop is one to give up early, but everyone knows he can't coach this team to a chip. The days of pop making any team a contender are long gone, as he is probably considered an outdated coach at this point. Like phil Jackson, if you can't coach the modern game you will lose. So we'll see, just hoping for some wins to keep LMA alive.
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