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  1. https://twitter.com/JeffGSpursZone/status/1354576422585724934?s=19 Lets goooo
  2. "He will be fine" "But actually, he sucks" The thing I don't like about owning him is that when he flops, he flops badly. No def stats to save his line.... Just poor fg%
  3. The beauty of taking a flier on him......yesssssssssir bad boy
  4. Do you think guys he's going to lose a bit of scoring potential with Alec Burks coming back?
  5. Such a shame he's not getting steals.....
  6. Facu is a baller. Give him minutes and he's going to be gold for your team. Jokic's eating on assists tho. And i dont think this is going to change.... 14 team advanced watchlist
  7. Hard not to think this is a typical fluke, considering his playing-style. Nice line still.
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