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  1. Standard Scoring. I have Robby Anderson in there right now but thinking about making the switch. These last minute switches usually don't go well for me, but I got that itch!
  2. I think I stick with the Colts honestly. The Titans have a great matchup but that defense isn't that good. Deshaun Watson is scary but the Colts defense have actually faired pretty well against him (17 sacks, 5 picks in last 5 matchups) and racked up a 5 sack game in their very last meeting.
  3. Yeah I think I like Sanders, Swift, Akers the most out of that group.
  4. Got to choose between the Ravens and Browns. Leaning Browns here...
  5. Standard Scoring... Do I start CEH or Swift this week? I think with Stafford I'm 100% going Swift, Without Stafford...I have no idea. Thanks in advance! My team... QB: Russell Wilson RB: Miles Sanders RB: Jonathan Taylor WR: AJ Brown WR: Robby Anderson TE: Eric Ebron Flex: Swift or CEH DST: Ravens K: Matt Gay
  6. I have to pick two teams from here on out. Kicking myself for not saving Tennessee for this week. Had the Cowboys picked in week 14 but just didn't trust them enough so I switched it at the last minute to the Titans. Really wish I just went with my gut there and saved them for this week, would of been able to go Titans vs Lions and Cardinals vs Eagles. I know I'm going to overthink it this week but I'm thinking about taking the Cardinals and 49ers. Would set me up next week for Browns vs Jets and Texans vs Bengals. I could use the Browns this week, they have a fairly easy matchup versus
  7. I would for sure go Seattle this week. I don't really like their future schedule whereas Tennessee is still a really strong play week 15 and 17.
  8. Squeaked by with the Vikings win. I had the Titans picked for next week but there are still around 150 survivors in my 3,000 person tournament. The dude running it just said yesterday that if there are more that 100 survivors after next week we will start going to picking 2 teams every week. So that might change my pick for this week. Might end up going with the Cowboys in week 14 vs the Bengals.
  9. I think Josh Reynolds needs to be rostered. 39 targets in the last 5 weeks, a season pace of 124 targets during that span. Plays the Jets and Seahawks weeks 15 &16 Perriman and Mims also need to be on rosters. Just can't decide on which one I like more.
  10. I'm not sure what I do this week. I probably go with Minnesota just because I want to save some matchups I have for the next few weeks. The two teams I was considering making a switch to were the Saints vs the Falcons. I think the Saints handle them pretty easily but they're my only decent matchup I have left for week 17 when they play the Panthers. The other one was the Titans vs the Browns. With two 8-3 teams this seems like it would be a game to stay away from but I don't think the Browns are as good as their record says and I think the Titans bully them around a bit this game. And I like t
  11. Kinda makes me want to go with the Saints lol
  12. Raiders are gonna be highest % played this week right? Who’s #2 Vikings? Miami? Saints?
  13. Should of went with the Giants last week so I’d have Miami in play this week. Oh well, I didnt trust the Giants. I picked the Raiders for this week but might pivot to the Vikings. The Raiders looked like garbage Sunday and they got smoked by the Jets last year. But Jags haven’t been getting killed in these losses this year and have actually played some good teams really tough, like Green Bay.
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