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  1. Joined. New to league safe. Is it similar to like a Venmo?
  2. The league looks full when I click on the link you provided.
  3. Yeah I’m very interested. I have a buddy who would be interested as well. My email: biggame3527@gmail.com And if you still got room I can Get my buddies email address later today.
  4. My buddy and I might Join if you still got 2 spots up for grabs. If not it’s no biggie.
  5. So I joined a fantasy baseball league this year a co-worker of mine is in. Thought it was going to be an auction draft but I guess the commish (I don't know him) decided to just have a snake draft. And looking at the layout of the roster and the fantasy point rules it says... Roster: Pitcher (P): 9 Relievers: 0 (No limit) Starters: 0 (No limit) Innings pitched: (3) FP per IP Earned Runs: (-2) per ER Wins: (5) Losses: (-5) Saves: (5) Strikeouts: (1) per K Hits allowed: (-1) Walks issued: (-1) I guess my question would be.....Doesn't this greatly benefit
  6. Standard Scoring. I have Robby Anderson in there right now but thinking about making the switch. These last minute switches usually don't go well for me, but I got that itch!
  7. I think I stick with the Colts honestly. The Titans have a great matchup but that defense isn't that good. Deshaun Watson is scary but the Colts defense have actually faired pretty well against him (17 sacks, 5 picks in last 5 matchups) and racked up a 5 sack game in their very last meeting.
  8. Yeah I think I like Sanders, Swift, Akers the most out of that group.
  9. Got to choose between the Ravens and Browns. Leaning Browns here...
  10. Standard Scoring... Do I start CEH or Swift this week? I think with Stafford I'm 100% going Swift, Without Stafford...I have no idea. Thanks in advance! My team... QB: Russell Wilson RB: Miles Sanders RB: Jonathan Taylor WR: AJ Brown WR: Robby Anderson TE: Eric Ebron Flex: Swift or CEH DST: Ravens K: Matt Gay
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