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  1. I personally think KC is going with a committee approach the rest of the season so I dont really think Darwin would be startable. But then again, with those 3 recievers I probably would never start Gallup anyway. So maybe I would make the drop, only if another team picking up Gallup wouldnt become better.
  2. This is tough. Tyreek is going to be shadowed by Gilmore so his line may take a hit, but he can go off at any point. I think the biggest upside would be Hill, Hopkins, Moore so I would choose that in a tough matchup. If I wanted to play it safe Id go Hopkins, Moore, Edelman.
  3. 14 team 1/2 PPR . Who should I use as my flex? Right now I am leaning towards Penny, but I'm also starting Carson. My options as well as my team are listed below. What do you guys think? Thanks. Bench: Rashad Penny (@Rams), Raheem Mostert (@Saints), Terry Mclaurin (@Packers), Dede Westbrook (vs Chargers), Alex Mattison (vs Lions), Latavius Murray (vs 49ers) QB: Matt Ryan RB1: Le'veon Bell RB2: Chris Carson WR1: Chris Godwin WR2: OBJ TE: Darren Waller Flex: ?? K: Badgley Def: Green Bay (vs. Redskins)
  4. definitley Ingram and Davante Adams for MT
  5. I wouldnt do that for AJ. Maybe another WR1
  6. Its close. Id go Cousins, Brisett, Winston, Minshew (Foles may be returning soon). http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/782953-trade-help-whir/
  7. I would do it. Waller is more than enough at TE, and Tyreek is a monster especially with Mahomes coming back soon
  8. Id say most likely to get 12-15 would be Slayton or Conley (if dede westbrook sits). Maybe walton but wouldnt trust Dolphins offense
  9. 100% do it especially now that Thomas has Brees back. Your solid on RBs
  10. 14 team 1/2 PPR. Im in first place at 6-2. Should I make this trade? Thanks in advance, leave your link I get: Odell Beckham Jr He gets: Juju-Smith and Duke Johnson Here is my team for reference: QB: Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill (only since Matt Ryan is hurt) RB: Chris Carson, Leveon Bell, Latavius Murray, Duke Johnson, Alexander Mattinson WR: Chris Godwin, Juju Smith, Terry McLaurin, Phillip Dorsett, Dede Westbrook TE: Waller K: Jake Elliot 😧 Buffalo
  11. I prefer Sanders over Penny by a lot but I dont think Id waste a waiver on either tbh. The difference between Sanders and Walton isnt substantial
  12. I wouldnt. I think Lions losing Kerryon Johnson indirectly hurts Stafford. And I think Wentz and the offense picks up when Djax gets back (assuming the rest stay healthy). You dont really need Ertz. And Hunt is at best the lesser end of a committee. Edmonds is obviously super valueable as long as DJ is on the shelf
  13. If Kamara is out you need to go Murray. Then I think Id go Michel, Henry, Coleman in that order
  14. Trade Engram for nothing lower than an RB2. If you want to trade Henry, do so for a RB2-RB3. Id keep Kelce but if you traded him Id want an RB1 or a combination of RB2 and some other positional need
  15. 1/2 PPR. Here is my team. Bench options include: Juju Smith-Schuster (v. MIA), Terry McLaurin (v. MIN , playing tonight), Latavius Murray (v. ARI), Dede Westbrook (v. NYJ), Philip Dorsett (v CLE), Duke Johnson (v. OAK). Thanks QB: Matt Ryan RB1: Chris Carson RB2: Leveon Bell WR1: Chris Godwin WR2: ?? TE: Darren Waller Flex:????
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