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  1. The sport you’re looking for already exists and its called MMA not football.
  2. Oh so you’re betting the field vs one team, Minnesota? How bold of you. Any other hot takes?
  3. Just saw a brief clip of a late hit that didn’t look good. Owners might want to have a backup plan just in case the league steps in. Great timing?
  4. I didn’t see the ASJ call but heard it was bad. Yeah in general the problem seems to be officiating having an outsized influence on the game, which is driven by a bloated rulebook that nobody truly understands. In short- too many lawyers.
  5. Neutral fan here. That late hit call at the end was hard to stomach. Jets were getting the ball with plenty of time but instead went 1st down, game over. If that was the correct call, NFL football is broken and needs new rules. Or maybe just fewer of them. Fans want to see football not a refereeing contest. If that was the wrong call, fire all the refs and start over because calls that bad or worse are being made in every game. Either way, it’s making the game hard to watch. Also <3 Robby Anderson
  6. I can’t see why they would risk it. So many things have to break right for Rodgers to deliver value this year...I don’t see it happening.
  7. I like it because its a home game vs the Saints who score a lot of points. The ff gurus probably disagree...which is arguably another reason!
  8. It's a moot point. Zim, a coach who chooses his words carefully and doesn't say much, recently complimented the size of Keenum's balls to the media. Translation: his job is safe.
  9. Playing the Saints at home was a plus matchup to begin with and it just keeps getting better. Goff should feast.
  10. Orly? I heard 70% of statistics are made up
  11. Keenum serving up a generous helping of crow to all the haters on Thanksgiving
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