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  1. These finals are the NBA'S worst nightmare. Game 1 down 45% from last year and lowest game 1 ratings in history. Game 2 down 70%!!!!! From last years game 2 and the lowest rated finals game in NBA history. And griffys post was racist, misogynistic and needlessly insulting to GilePile. If it was said against black women instead of white women it would have been an instaban and IP ban. Fairness and equality they call it. Ha.
  2. 1 . He's fat 2 He's out of shape 3. He's 24 but looks 38
  3. Ehhhhh just because you don't know who he is doesn't mean he isn't a heckin superstarino !!!
  4. Dropped house for him a few days ago. Very pleased with this line.
  5. This guy is the king of doing just enough not to get dropped.
  6. Dropped this lame a couple days ago for Melton. Already paying off.
  7. I love how this guy is never deterred. 2/10 and he wont stop shooting. Then he ends up with 30 points and 6 treys.
  8. I have to respectfully disagree, but hear me out . I think he has actually taken 2 steps forward this season , unfortunately for his owners it was right up to the all you can eat buffet table 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  9. Damn This line at half time is some serious gourmet s---. I'd be satisfied with this line at the end of the game.
  10. It's the Jokic hate thread !!! He looks like he should be in an ill fitting beaurocrat uniform instead of an I'll fitting NBA Jersey. He is in the shape of a middle aged customs agent at Belgrade airport. He looks like he would be more comfortable with a cigarette in one hand and a kalbaska sandwich in the other instead of a basketball.
  11. 14 /14 / 1 Hmmmm it's what we should expect from him. I'm not disappointed at all.
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