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  1. I haven't seen anything, most likely there won't be any news until the re-evaluation planned for the 16th
  2. I'm guessing there's going to be a noticeable increase in people doing roto next year after everything that happened this year
  3. I'd go with Oubre, he's a step down from Haliburton and Boucher
  4. Will White coming back have any effect on Johnson? They don't play the same position so I don't think it will effect his minutes but will playing with White make things easier for him?
  5. The situation at the Nets 5 spot should be interesting. It should create more value for Jordan and might create value for Green/Perry in deep leagues.
  6. I'm starting to think we're not getting 7 assists this season
  7. I see a combination of things: his overall number of shots has decreased, likely because of the added depth that can handle more of the workload. He's also been more crafty with trying to get fouled, which means more attempts driving in and looking for a foul instead of taking a 3.
  8. I'm planning on dropping him in my 14-teamer, I think he'll turn it around to some degree eventually but there are some decent waiver wire options out there and I'm losing my confidence in him becoming reliable this season
  9. Yeah, their calculations for pace don't seem right, I don't know what's going on there. 6 games played is projected at 36 total for some reason, so for now at least I would multiply their projected values by 2 and I think that should give a reasonable estimate.
  10. Yes, you can see it on the web version as well. At the bottom left of any team's page there's a small link that says "View Game Maximums"
  11. I'm actually interested if he can keep up what he's doing, I'm afraid of his value decreasing from him getting there more
  12. What do you all think about his free throws? Last year he averaged 2.7 attempts per game in 17 minutes and now he's averaging 1.8 attempts per game in 30 minutes. Will he keep avoiding the line or is this just a temporary thing?
  13. His mid range and 3 point jump shots went in and although they weren't completely smooth, they didn't look awful. His free throw shooting form looked bad but I don't know how it looked last year. Overall I think he played decently.
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