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  1. Green for sure. Kuzma maybe towards the end of the season.
  2. If Khris gets his old form back (before injury), Khris>Otto based on potential. In my opinion, what Otto did last season is his ceiling.
  3. I think it's safe to pick him in the 5th round (or late 4th). It was fun when I had him last year. If I remember correctly two of the reasons that contributed to his dip towards the end was the acquisition of Bojan and, to some extent, his recurring hip condition. Bojan was eating some of his touches. With Bojan gone and with Markief probably out early in the season, I like his ADP.
  4. Yeah, I agree with regarding the top 8 being a tier above Jokic. However, for the 9th to 11th picks, from what I'm seeing, it's usually a toss-up between Jokic, LBJ, and Wall. Just curious, why do you chose Jokic over Lebron and Wall?
  5. I'm in a 12 team, H2H, 9 cat league. We've drafted 3 weeks ago and we've traded several times. I was originally punting FT and Asst (DJ and Drum) but I got the opportunity to get Curry, Jokic, and Turner in good-value trades. However, I believed f*cked my team up due to the trades How would you advice me to rebuild my team? Curry Jokic Turner Conley DJ Drummomd Beverley THJr Hood Dedmon T. Prince Gay
  6. PG's stock is at the lowest at this point. It would best to wait and see how everything plays out in OKC. There's still the possibility that the Melo trade doesn't affect him as much as people think it would.
  7. In H2H, I'm a bit more successful punting a category or two. Personally my reason is mainly because I find it easier worrying about fewer stats especially in streaming players and trades. Also, at least in the leagues I'm in, most people try to have a well-balanced teams making it easier for the teams like mine which are dominant/sure win in several stats.
  8. From my limited experience: try to avoid Spurs players (aside from Kawhi to some extent). The uncertainty of Pop's DNP-Rest is just frustrating. Also, no matter how nice the per game averages are, try avoiding brittle players with like Embiid and Bledsoe. I got burned by both last season; Embiid with season ending injury and Bledsoe being shutdown early.
  9. Hard to gauge Rudy at the moment. I have him in my main league. 12 team H2H. Tried trading him couple of times. No takers.
  10. How do you guys think will Millsap's presence impact Jokic? Would you pick Jokic over someone like Lebron? I'm picking 11 in a 12 team H2H league. From what I know those two will be the best players available.
  11. I might actually get Drummond. Still trying to convince his owner for a trade. Just a follow-up question, for my lower-end players, who should I keep? Are Josh Jackson, Harkless, and Crabbe worth keeping in a 12 team league? Taurean Prince is currently a free agent. Should I get him and drop one of those three?
  12. Hey man, thanks for the advice. Yeah, I sacrificed most of my role players thru trades to get Curry and Turner. I'm currently in talks with the guy who owns Drummond. He might actually trade him for Vooch.
  13. I'm a noob in playing fantasy basketball; I only started last year. I had to sign up to rotoworld when I saw this thread. I would like to ask if my strategy to mainly punt FT and asst and focus on blocks, rebs, FG, and be competitive in points and 3pts is the way to go. Background: I'm in a casual 12 team H2H league with my friends. It's not very serious/competitive league but all are active. We drafted 2 weeks ago so basically that's why my players are rankings/order are way off. Several trades have happened. Here is my current line-up ranked based on yahoo rankings
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