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  1. To not over analyze my line ups each week and trust my own analysis and ignore the "experts".
  2. To not over stress about my lineup each week unnecessarily. Just pick my lineup and stick to it unless injury, etc. Second thing is I know just as much as these internet blog "experts" and need to trust my own analysis.
  3. I played in 10 team league this year but only three of us actually tried. Many weeks my opponent had empty slots they didn't fill due to bye weeks, etc.
  4. I need 25 from Boone. Its a miracle in itself being I went against CMC, Wentz, Woods, Gurley . Other than Lamar and MT my next highest scorer was KC defense.
  5. The difference was playing Sutton, Singletary, and Chubb while Peterson, Golladay, and Lewis all outscored them on the bench. Now I'm down 30 with only Chiefs defense and Boone left.
  6. Id love to see what Sutton could do with a real NFL quarterback throwing to him. He gets so many uncatchable balls.
  7. I have Lamar Jackson, Michael Thomas, Nick Chubb, Courtland Sutton all left to play today. I'm trying to decide on Lewis, Boone, or Adrian Peterson as my other back.
  8. Adams Allen and Parker. Hard to know who shines for Seattle from week to week.
  9. Hello. I need help picking a RB since Derrick Henry is out. Im behind already since my Singletary and OJ Howard went against his Woods and Gurley yesterday. I'm still going against his Gurley, CMC, and Hilton today( (I hate shallow leagues LOL). My three choices are Boone, Dion Lewis, and Adrian Peterson.
  10. I streamed him this week due to the matchup but he has to be frustrating to own.
  11. I'm going against Gurley and Woods and this is an awful time for the San Francisco defense to totally disappear.
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