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  1. Not going to be an easy decision as it looks like he will probably play but it will be very hard to know how many snaps. I also have Kroft and Seals-Jones available in my league but I think Thomas is a better play this week.
  2. He's my play if Greg Olsen's outlook doesn't improve by Sunday.
  3. Options here are: Alex Smith v OAK Josh McCown @ DEN Jameis Winston v DET Smith had been the plan all along for Week 14, but that offense has fallen apart...
  4. Yeah, agreed. He's a must-start in that game. My concern is away vs the Jaguars. I guess at this point you can't ever play Alex Smith over him with the downfall of the Chiefs offense -- but Smith is at home vs OAK so it is a little tempting there.
  5. Definitely a reason to be concerned with these matchups. I've had Alex Smith as my backup all season, with the plan on using him at home v OAK the week Wilson faces the Jaguars. You have to send him out there against the Eagles though and go from there.
  6. Agreed, as I am in the same situation. I'm probably going to go as bold as dropping Brate outright and having Olsen as my only TE right away.
  7. Even if he's talking about the end of last year, its wrong. He averaged over 4 YPC over the last 6 full games he played.
  8. Standard scoring -- and I've already made the playoffs.
  9. I think it is time to move on from the Seattle Defense. Leaning towards Crowder, DJ, or a defense to stream since Pittsburgh's matchup isn't the best. Standard scoring, I'm in 1st place and a lock for the playoffs. Available: David Johnson (RB) Jamison Crowder (WR) Dede Westbrook (WR) Josh Gordon (WR) Kenny Stills (WR) Corey Coleman (WR) Jamaal Williams (RB) Rex Burkhead (RB) Danny Woodhead (RB) Bengals (D/ST) Texans (D/ST) Saints (D/ST) My Roster: QB R. Wilson RB L. McCoy RB D. Martin WR M. Thomas WR D. Funchess TE C. Brate FLEX I. Crowell D/ST Pittsburgh K S. Gostkowski BN A. Smith (QB) BN O. Darkwa (RB) BN E. Elliott (RB) BN A. Morris (RB) BN C. Davis (WR) BN G. Olsen (TE) BN Seattle (D/ST)
  10. Agreed. For the same reason, I am starting him (over Crowell, Darkwa, and Morris).
  11. Likewise -- I'm starting Morris and benching Doug Martin.. a bit uneasy with the decision myself.
  12.  Of course we all have a player on our bench with less upside than DJ.  This would be every single player on every person's bench. He was the #1 pick. You still have to weigh the value of a player who is actually playing and will fill in at RB if your starter gets injured vs a guy who may be completely unusable the entire year.
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