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  1. looks like a concussion, how many has Jordan agreed had? This is Cooks third might be out a while...
  2. what are the chances pollard eats into zekes passing opportunities? new OC might use zeke a little differently considering he had a career High in receptions is that the new norm or back to the 30 catches area?
  3. they said to fade thielen last year, he went out and balled. They say to fade thielen this year, I'm not fading him this time around
  4. In the same boat. if zeke signs i think you have to go zeke #1, if not i’m leaning more towards saquon. The offense won’t be as good but his numbers were so good last year even if he regresses he’s likely going to see 280-300 carries and another 70-90 receptions his floor is pretty stable. As for CMC the only thing that scares me is Cam stealing the TD rushes, i went back and looked at game logs, CMC scored his first rushing TD in week 7 i believe which is when Cam got hurt. Kamara in the other hand is safe as it gets but he’s got some bust games bc if they blow out another team Latavius is go
  5. Been doing mocks both ways but always going Saquon #1. Either strategy would work bc the rounds 4/5/6 RB have great value but id rather have 3-4 guys getting 15-20 touches a game than a WR1 in round 3 that is more on the bubble and a WR2. Plus the value of having a RB later in the season to flip for a WR1 is always available.
  6. in the same boat but not as high on CMC, now that Cam's healthy who's to say he's not going to take away TD from CMC? Up until his injury I don't think CMC had a rushing TD. The other 3 RB I think can be taken in any order. Zeke is an obvious choice if he ends up signing before your draft. Alvin Kamara is as safe as it gets, he's ended RB3 in both of his seasons, and if he does get a bump up in usage he can easily be RB1. As far as Saquon, I can see efficiency go down but touches go up. He averaged 5 YPC if it regresses closer to 4-4.2 but he rushes 300x and gets 80-100 receptions all that sai
  7. being a giants fan i want to draft him but too risky i feel with eli under center, a subpar offensive line and no real receiving threats...
  8. rumors have it tate might have a suspension coming his way....what does that do to Saquons Value? I got the 1 pick but i see another DJ experience for anyone that drafts him.
  9. i see ekeler/gordon having big games, but i think game script helps Williams, if its a blow out theyll probably take out Allen earlier and give both Williams the snaps
  10. any news on williams and if hes starting/snap counts?
  11. anybody seeing this guy blowing up this weekend? Nice matchup against the Chiefs
  12. Dickson, NO and CAR games usually end up as shootouts.
  13. are you projected to win? if you need high upside i’ll go patterson, if a safe bet probably bryant. Ebron is a better TE to play, is Seals jones available or Brate? they might be better plays
  14. bump Ajayi has only been getting 6-8 touches a game, Seattles secondary is weaker now but the run D has been up to par
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