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  1. Yea, we'll most likely see two go in the first round. Just depends on where.
  2. What's Ill Will's email? I'd like to send out trade offers.
  3. congrats Ill Will on the league's third year title. Another great season for the Sofa Kings - your team will be scary good next year, too.
  4. Both of your teams are loaded....injuries to each roster yet no problem putting up 120-130 points. Well done putting those teams together. We might have to contract the team with Rivers and Turner. Has anyone looked at that roster? Lol.
  5. Good luck to those in the playoffs. Please reach out if you are interested in making a deal when trading resumes.
  6. Nice, Mike. I think the guys who have joined on this year have been great with trades and waiver movement, and putting together a competitive team. Obviously there are 2-3 super teams at the moment but that just means the non-playoff teams have that much more of a challenge. By the way, I knew things would turn around for you in The Social Assassins League.
  7. Also we should do a roll-call when the season is over. We've had a lot of turnover and Kanter was inactive and should be replaced in the offseason, and the new owner should have enough time to assess his team and build for the future. I think we need to make the league more active/exciting in some way. In retrospect, the change to 2 QB league during the offseason and right before Year 3 was pretty crazy. I think it was too big of a change and didn't allow teams enough time to plan. Just my .02
  8. Everyone on my team is available outside of Wallace when the playoffs are over. And about trading, I think it should reopen right after the fantasy playoffs. Also, we should schedule a rookie draft in advance, preferably after preseason game 2-3 or so to avoid Ryan Williams/Leshoure cases.
  9. Kevin Smith, my second round pick in our startup, you're two years too late!
  10. Does Pack Attack respond to you guys? Sent him email via ESPN site and no responses. Pretty frustrating.
  11. Yeah - Marshall will be fine. Had to make a post to liven up our league, and maybe start a rivalry. It would be great to own Luck or T-Rich, but No Suck for Luck for me....at least not intentionally. Lol.
  12. Who needs McCoy? Who needs AP? Who needs a starting caliber RB? Holmes 1 Marshall 0 Just playin' Mega. I know the scheduling Gods were looking after me as Bowe/Jones (inj.) both had byes. However, it was nice to sweep my three leagues this week....for once!
  13. I've sent Roeth offers and he never responds. meagmoviejohn, is he on espn at all?
  14. congrats, Steeler. There's a serious Suck for Luck tournament going on right now.
  15. I'll take Julio every day and twice on Sunday's. Also realized today that half our league is rebuilding.
  16. Imagine one of those surprise teams with Julio I actually disagree with your second point. In this league I'd say there are a few teams far, far behind the top teams in terms of talent level.
  17. Yeah, I'm not sure if I Miss Football is checking in on his team by starting both Edwards and Gates this week.
  18. Maybe I'll make a playoff splash, first time in three years!
  19. Anyway we can chance free agent system to blind bidding? Also, thanks for the compliment, MM. Not a big time contender yet and it's year 3 but have enough talent to trade for some positional needs.
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