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  1. Very Crazy. Bench Shepherd. If Staffords hand isn't better, then bench Marvin.
  2. Hey Guys, so i'm in a PPR league. Leave Link I will help! Pick 4 to start: Lamar Miller, Evan Engram, Marvin Jones, Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon. I'm thinking of sitting Marvin Jones due to Stafford having his hurt hand. Thoughts?
  3. Yeah I like Jones better, but man it's tough with how good rhodes as been. I'll take more input!! WHIR!! Link! Thanks!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Should I start Marvin Jones against Rhodes, or Emmanuel Sanders with Paxton throwing to him? WHIR! Thanks!
  5. I'm leaning towards it, just thinking Zeke might finally be suspended and they end up throwing the ball more. Ahhh decisions decisions!
  6. PPR League - They want to trade Devonta Freeman and Adam Thielan for Dez Bryant and Lamar Miller. Is this worth it to me? Dez and Freeman both have injuries right now. Thanks! WHIR! My Team: RB - Melvin Gordon - Lamar Miller - Thomas Rawls - Bilal Powell WR - Dez Bryant - Marvin Jones - Emmanuel Sanders - TE - Evan Engram
  7. I would not take that. Hunt still has a good ROS. Please Help mine. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682489-freemanthielan-for-dezlamar-who-wins-ppr-whir-leave-link/
  8. Diggs 100% Please help with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682489-freemanthielan-for-dezlamar-who-wins-ppr-whir-leave-link/
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