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  1. Thanks for nothing Andy Reid ******bag. Now figures out boy toy Alex isn't after all the machine that runs this offense.
  2. Gawd this thread is so damn depressing. Just lock it up already.
  3. No it's not OK. He's a top 10 draft selection. I drafted him 6th and thought he was a steal at that point. I had to bench him this week for Tevin Coleman in my flex spot. That's pathetic. I should never have to consider benching a player like that.
  4. He's had more than enough chances. It's either him or Cutler, take your pick it doesn't matter it's over.
  5. Between Ben and Goff you're fine just playing the matchups. Who knows what McDermott's going to do.
  6. McDermott was trying to look like a genius. He failed miserably and now walking a fine line of losing the locker room. He's better off finishing the season with Tyrod and entering the Cousins sweepstakes next offseason.
  7. I don't know what kind of league you play in but that's major. TD's are MAJOR DUDE. The difference between Reid and McDaniels is MAJOR. One is a complete a**hat that doesn't understand their personnel.
  8. I trust Dion Lewis over Kareem Hunt. How bout them apples?
  9. Done with Hunt and Reid. Going with D. Lewis ROS. Reid can have fun with his boy toy Alex and miss the playoffs.
  10. Swirling winds in the meadowlands? Thanks for f****** me over Andy once again. 4 carries in a half. Losing what? 4 of your last 5 games?? This is what happens when you fall in love with Alex Smith.
  11. Tyrod is NOT my starter but still own him as a backup on a couple teams knowing full well Peterman would absolutely fail. McDermott must come to his senses. I realize Tyrod is not a world beater but he doesn't make the kind of mistakes that gets his team beat. Considering the roster makeup now Taylor is the best fit for the team.
  12. 6 completions 5 interceptions 1 fumble That's got to be some kind of record for a starting debut. Talk about EPIC FAIL.
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