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  1. Right on, appreciate the feedback. And I realize everyone sees things differently. Looking to land a premier RB or WR at 1:04. We must start: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 Flex and 1 SF. And you and I obviously disagree on Hurts "being the backup" at least enough for me to "gamble" on the outcome, for the price I paid. :shrug: *draft picks, especially future picks IMHO are like candy to throw out from the float at a parade. With it being TE Premium, my #2 TE Irv Smith looks to be a decent #4-5WR/flex (or SF if need be) and I have: Adams/Higgins/Aiyuk/Claypool...DPJones. I ra
  2. Utilized a few of the new pieces/draft picks and made a big gamble. Again, this is Super Flex and team is in sig. I gave: WR KGolladay + LB JCollins + S APhillips + 2021 Rook 2:12 + 2022 Rook 2:xx I got: QB JHurts + 2021 Rook 5:01
  3. Team in signature. These moves were all within the same game plan over an 11 day period (all 4 trades were with different teams/owners.) 1) I gave: RB AJones + 2021 Rook 2:01 I got: 2021 Rooke 1:04 2) I gave: RB DDallas + WR JHightower + 2021 Rook 3:08 I got: RB JWilson + 2021 Rook 4:05 + 2021 Rook 5:05 3) I gave RB JRobinson + 2021 Rook 5:05 I got: WR CCLaypool + WR DPJones + 2021 Rook 3:10 + 2022 Rook 2:xx 4) I gave: RB ZMoss + 2021 Rook 3:10 I got RB RMostert
  4. My concern is JRob doesn't fit Meyer's scheme or maybe better stated...his offensive vision. 🤷‍♂️
  5. 14 Team IDP Dynasty PPR - TE Premium (9 offensive + 11 defensive starters) (12-4) Week 16 Championship line-up in bold: QB: PMahomes, CJBeathard/NMullins, KAllen RB: AJones/JamalW, JRobinson/DOzigbo, ZMoss, GEdwards, DDallas, Darrell, EBenjamin WR: DAdams, KGolladay, THiggins, BAiyuk, CHansen/ICoulter, CSims, JHightower, JHurd TE: DWaller, ISmith, DParham DL: ZSmith, SRichardson, BNichols, DOnyemata, MCrosby, CLawson LB: DLeonard, RSmith, TAdams, ASingleton, JCollins, JCarter, DLong, HLangi/BCashman, DB: JChinn, KCurl, APhillips, CClark, JAbram, MButle
  6. Great grab off the wire if possible. In leagues with a large bench + Taxi/IR, IMHO he was worth drafting late. *been sittin' on him where I could. In dynasty...🤞...Fuller AND Coulter. Coulter plays/is listed at Cooks position, and we all know Cooks' (a 7yr Vet) injury history isn't the best ether. *I believe Houston has an out in Cooks contract after THIS season. And ditto what Vendetta said.
  7. Same here. Drafted JK with high hopes...have since come to the realization the RB1 in Baltimore is QB1 Lamar Jackson. Moved my JK shares last week.
  8. 1) Non-CT owners: no matter what, do not pick CT up. CT will get hurt 2) JR owners: luckily, no matter what, CT will get hurt
  9. Maybe the target share/production we saw week 1, was what Cleveland wanted to begin with, once they saw AH in camp? Hooper may have produced last week, but otherwise has been quite :meh: Trade would be a verrry interesting prospect, and impact his current value immensely.
  10. Good deep bench dynasty stash. Dj is under performing, and finding his way to the medical tent a lot lately. Not capitalizing on his opp. Conley is getting older and hurt a lot as well. Cole is a completely different type of player. Westbrook is :meh: No between the 20's or Red Zone producing TE on the roster (so far) and Collin J. is 6'6" 220lbs. It's the Laviska show + maybe whomever wants to take ahold of that other job (esp IF Chark keeps face planting.)
  11. AZ O-line un-good in the running game, and Murray is putting the kibosh on AZ RBs by not checking down to the backs and taking off and running, thus vulturing yards and rushing/dump off TDs.
  12. Outstanding real football move by the Chiefs. As good as CEH was/may be, it was quite obvious he was not a guy who could pick up the must have short yards rushing (3rd-4th down/goal line). He was abysmal in short yardage duty (no stats), eye test only, but it stood out. Bell can pass protect/run routes, and/or convert the short yardage. They will both get run, within the offense. ...this makes the entire KC offense better, and for fantasy, Mahommie is the real winner.
  13. *peace of mind 🤦‍♂️
  14. As a current owner of David Johnson in 2 Dynasty leagues, Phillips is a must have/get (if you have the roster space of course), as IMHO he may provide what Duke can’t IF DJ were to fail/go down...Phillips offers just a little piece of mind.
  15. ...does add a new light to my perception on Winston spreading the ball. Thanks. Agreed. ...especially Evans owners.
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