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  1. depending on where he falls in drafts he could return great value, Jstew got a ton of touches last year and was horrid. Anderson is an upgrade.
  2. Agreed. I think he would still do great with the raiders but it would knock him down a little for me.
  3. One of my favorite players ever as a Steeler fan, but honestly not sure what he really wants. He is already making way more than any other RB and we offered him a great deal already and he turned it down.
  4. He's my new favorite player to watch, should be interesting situation next year regarding ingram.
  5. Very Surprising, if your the raiders you cant be very confident with the receiving core next year without crab.
  6. Houston has been terrible against the run lately, honestly would have no concerns playing any steelers today.
  7. down 7.5 in standard with bell and jake elliot. Bring it home baby.
  8. He had a great season considering where he was drafted. You didnt lose because of him
  9. damn this is bad news, I think he probably plays but who knows.
  10. I will probably roll with him, jets are a pretty easy matchup. Will debate on what to do if Allen is out.
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